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Botox Cosmetic Injection Treatment

If you want to look FIVE years younger in 5 days, do Botox! 

Marina Vashkevich, RN, has Ful Face Botox experience and has been doing it since 2018. Botox in Toronto relaxes muscles, which work as depressors and create your face gravity. Inactivated depressors transfer the activity to muscles responsible for face lifting. It takes 15 minutes for injections, and you see the result in 5-10 days, which lasts from 4 to 6 months. Medvspa injector R.N. Marina has 20 years the experience doing Botox and more than five years doing Full Face Botox.

 Forehead - the balance of lifting and relaxation

Botox works in two directions.
It can block muscles or relax them.
When muscles are blocked, the forehead, for example, can look like a forehead without wrinkles and movements, resembling a" frozen forehead."

After 50 years, people use the forehead to open their eyes. Therefore, for them, forehead muscles should be in a balance of lifting and relaxation. Otherwise, they will look "frozen." The result is opened eyes, lifted eyebrows, and a very natural look.

What Botulinum Toxin can do for the forehead?


There are several patterns of forehead movements. The injection card is developed according to these patterns, meaning the injector must keep the different forms of forehead muscle contractions in mind. The number of injection sites is based on the goals we would like to reach. If the goal is complete muscle relaxation, four injection sites are performed. However, if the goal is more sophisticated and includes a balance of lifting and muscle relaxation, many injections will be done. Usually, the number of injection sites does not exceed 8.

How do you get rid of the frown lines?

Strong muscles between eyebrows are responsible for the firm "eleventh" appearance. Everybody wants to eliminate these lines in the center of the face. Sometimes it is impossible to remove them altogether. Therefore, the earlier the strength of these muscles is decreased, the less chance you have to develop "eleventh" permanently.
Before injections, RN discovers your eyebrow movement pattern.
There are different eyebrow pattern movements Arrow, U-pattern, V-pattern, Omega pattern, and inverted Omega pattern. Understanding these movement patterns helps RN know how many injection points they need. Let's start!


BOTOX injection before/after results 3

The U-PATTERN is the most common movement of muscles between eyebrows. It resembles a U-letter. Please look at the mirror without any action. Does your eyebrow shape resemble an arch? Now please frown and pay attention to the depression between your eyebrows while frowning. Do you see a similarity with the letter U? If yes, you are struggling with the same issue as 32% of the population. Moreover, this pattern of movement is the most common among women. You will probably get injections in five sites with a standard dosage of neurotoxin.


Do you want to know your pattern of movements and how many sites you will be injected? Let’s read the chapter from my book.

Open eyes and eyebrow lifting with injection

Everybody wants to lift their eyebrows. The open eye look only makes people look more attractive. The lifting of the eyebrows consists of two parts: forehead relaxation and eyebrow lifting.
Most clients after 50 get more benefits from eyebrow lifting through forehead muscle relaxation and much less from the entire muscle block. The block of forehead muscles runs the risk of the eyebrows falling. As the forehead muscle thins with age, an increasingly smaller number of units can be a reason for eyebrows falling. The forehead becomes more relaxed and lifted.

There are different technics for injections in the area around the eyes. We have a specific dosage recommended by the manufacturers for injections in this area. Manufacturers advise injecting in three sites for each eye. It works very well for young people who don't have a hernia and don't suffer from eye swelling.

However, for an aging group of clients, smiling can show wrinkles spreading from the eyes to the cheekbones. In such cases, muscle strength has moved from the orbicular muscle to the group of muscles around it. In such a case, Meso Botox is the only solution. Below you see an example of how eye and eyebrow lifting works.


Different technologies like Scarlet and Reaction get rid of the jowl and tighten the neck. However, the European School of injections has been using Botulinum toxin for these purposes since 2015, called Nefertiti lift. The neck has a long muscle that starts from the clavicle and spreads, reaching the lower or even middle third of the face. Relaxation of this muscle helps to get rid of jowls and creates the effect of neck lifting.

Many women after 50 do not understand how aggressively they use chin speaking. Involvement of chin underlines aging. It is effortless to stop a chin muscle work by injecting about 6 units of botulinum toxin.


Some people do not even suspect that their asymmetry is noticeable. Asymmetry happens because muscles on one side of the face work harder compared to another side. Aging exaggerates asymmetry. The picture shows that the left eyebrow and the left eye are higher. Relaxation of the muscles brought more symmetry into the appearance. Subconsciously symmetrical faces are evaluated as more attractive. Therefore, correction of asymmetry is a part of MedVSpa's professional obligations.

If you are afraid to start

20 Units of Botox. How much is it? Many people think that 20 Units as a number is a lot. But the reality is that 20 units work to relax muscles between eyebrows, or relax both eyes and crow's feet, or relax the forehead and chin only. It is not much. 20 units injected into the area between the eyebrows and forehead barely lifts the eyebrows and rest the forehead because the result is dosage relate Canada-approved Botulinum toxins like Botox®, Xeomin, and Disport for muscle relaxation in specific areas.

Botulinum "toxin" sounds weird but is one of the safest medical-grade products in the world. Unlike fillers, it is difficult to" look unnatural" after Botulinum toxin injections. MedVSPA starts with minimal effective dosage to make you look natural.

Botox injections are expensive everywhere around the globe, and the effect lasts from 3 to 6 months. MedVSPA requires 2 weeks after injections complimentary follow-up visit to measure your result and document it in your file.

BOTOX® is known for its cosmetic effects and has been successfully used for

However, there are other areas where it works for beauty, such as

1.How long is the Botox treatment?

Botox injections requires 30 min maximum. This time is enough for the assessment, explanation, injections and after care recommendations.

2.How many sites of Botox injections will I have?

Botox injections should be delivered in muscles, we would like to be relaxed. The number os sites depends how big and wide the muscle is. Therefore, between the eyebrows 3-5 Botox injection sites. Forehead 4-8 sites. Eyes 3 and more each site.

3.How long does the Botox lasts?

The manufacturer says that Botox lasts 3 months. Realistically Botox lasts 4- 6 months.

4.What is Botox aftercare?

After Botox injections we want muscles were injected to accept the Botox and do not give the opportunity Botox to move. Therefore, For 1 hour: Exercise the areas that were treated. For 3 hours: Remain upright. For 24 hours: Refrain from strenuous physical activity. You will be provided with Post- Treatment Instructions after the Botox treatment.

5.What is Botox side effect?

In the worst case scenario it could be wide eyebrows, central part of eyebrows can fall down slightly, people could feel( but not see) heavy eyebrows. When such happens, we restore the movements faster with RF and micro currency technologies.

6.Is it possible to get rid of forehead wrinkles completely?

If you do not have visible wrinkles without movements, it is possible to get rid of forehead wrinkles completely. If you are after 50 and see them when you are calm, they will not disappear, but will be less visible.

7.Is it possible to get rid of frown lines completely?

If your frown lines are deep and visible without movements, we can only relax them, but not remove completely. It is better to prevent the appearance of deep lines and start doing Botox injections when your lines appear only when you are frowning.

8.How to get rid of crow’s feet?

Botox is the only solution to get rid of crow’s feet. Young people can consider complete removal of crow’s feet with Botox treatment. If you see your crow’s feet outspreading over your cheeks, do not expect that you can get rid of them completely.