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Is Endospheres Therapy Worth It: Explaining the Top Advantages and Effects.

How Does Endospheres Therapy Works?

Endospheres Therapy works with a special handpiece containing 50 silicone spheres. These spheres rotate and move in different directions and at various frequencies, all automatically adjusted based on sensor data. The sensors respond to the tissue resistance at different depths and areas, whether it's cellulite on the thighs, saggy abdomen skin, abdominal fat, saggy arms, love handles, back folds, swollen legs, or cellulite on the legs.
Endospheres Therapy effectively breaks down fat lobes and fibrotic tissue, improving blood flow to replace stubborn fat cells and smooth out skin dimples by creating micro-vibrations deep into the tissue.The result is:

  1. Even skin,
  2. Thinner fat layer,
  3. Reduced fibrotic cellulite,
  4. Swelling removal.
  5. Endospheres Therapy's lymphatic drainage massage component provides immediate relief, giving you that "easy legs" feeling.

Is Endospheres Therapy Worth It?

Amazing Endospheres Therapy Results:

  • Lose 1-2 sizes and achieve a sculpted body
  • 99% reduction in swelling
  • Effective weight loss and contouring in the most stubborn areas
  • Skin tightening and renewal

What Makes Endospheres Therapy Unique:

  • Personalized Treatment: Endospheres Therapy uses advanced sensor scanning to customize your treatment. During the session, the sensors analyze your body layers and identify issues like fat, swelling, poor microcirculation, fibrosis, and different stages and types of cellulite, whether hot or cold. Endosphere scanner works on all body parts, including legs, arms, abdomen, and ankles, to diagnose and treat specific areas such as cellulite on legs, arm fat, body swelling, and fibrotic skin dimples on thighs.Transform your body with cutting-edge, pain-free Endospheres Therapy and enjoy these incredible Endosphere benefits.

What Is the Endosphere Technique?

Why Endospheres Therapy is Effective

When local stubborn fat is removed, and toxins and swelling are flushed out through the lymphatic drainage massage, your body's microcirculation improves dramatically. It opens the pathway for collagen and elastin production, leading to tighter skin on your thighs, stomach, arms, buttocks, and knees.

For those over 60, muscle toning is essential to looking and feeling good, and Endospheres Therapy excels here, too. The Endospheres Therapy creates a muscle-toning effect that you can actually feel. The day after treatment, you might feel as if you had an intensive workout, highlighting the effectiveness of Endospheres Therapy in enhancing muscle tone and overall body contouring.

Endospheres Therapy is globally recognized as the top treatment for body contouring and cellulite reduction. It's the first pain-free weight loss therapy, allowing you to relax and even fall asleep while effectively breaking down and eliminating fat from your body.

What Are the Results of Endosphere Massage?

What Are the Benefits of Endospheres Therapy?

Endospheres Therapy offers a range of impressive benefits:

  1. Reduces Cellulite: It breaks down fibrotic tissues and stubborn fat cells, addressing the root causes of cellulite.
  2. Shrinks Sizes: By destroying fat cells and removing waste, toxins, and excess fluid through lymphatic drainage massage, Endospheres Therapy can help you lose 1-2 sizes.
  3. Smooths and Tightens Skin: It makes your skin on the abdomen, arms, knees, and thighs look smooth, tight, and even. Endospheres Therapy boosts microcirculation starting from the muscle depth, stimulating collagen and elastin renewal.
  4. Improves Oxygenation: By increasing microcirculation, Endospheres Therapy enhances oxygen supply to tissues, including peripheral nerves. It helps reduce morning stiffness, alleviate fibrotic cellulite pain, and lessen fibromyalgia symptoms.
  5. Enhances Muscle Tone: Better microcirculation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, increasing muscle tone and overall strength.
  6. Boosts Metabolism: Endospheres Therapy speeds up your metabolism, helping you eat less, improve your mood, sleep better, and feel more confident and energetic.

How Many Sessions Are Needed for Endospheres Therapy?

Achieving lasting results takes commitment, like working with a personal trainer or following a diet plan. You wouldn't expect perfect results after just one session at the gym or a single day on a diet, right? The same goes for Endospheres Therapy.

If you're serious about addressing concerns like weight gain, body swelling, heavy legs, and cellulite on your legs or are looking to sculpt your body and reduce fat on your belly and arms, consistency is key. Endospheres Therapy is also effective in diminishing skin dimples and helping you lose 1-2 sizes.

Clinical trials show that 12 treatments, scheduled 2-3 times per week, are needed to see optimal results. Can you commit to a month of treatments to look and feel better? If yes, call us at 647-460-4585.

Start your journey to a better you with Endospheres Therapy in Toronto!

What Does Endosphères Therapy Do?

Endospheres Therapy uses a unique compression and micro-vibration mechanism, unlike other treatments like LPG or endermologie that rely on suction and pulling, such as Starvac.

Why Choose Endospheres Therapy?

  • Efficient Pathway: Unlike suction-based treatments, like LPG or Starvac, which are effective but take a longer route, Endospheres Therapy offers a shorter, more effective pathway. It stimulates circulation at the muscle level, similar to the response of an elastic band. This deep tissue bombardment promotes excellent blood circulation, essential for collagen growth and weight loss.
  • Effective Cellulite Reduction: Stubborn fat cells often suffer from swelling and lack of oxygen due to poor microcirculation. Endospheres Therapy first targets these fat cells and fibrotic tissues with micro-vibration and micro-compression. Then, enhanced blood flow delivers enzymes, nutrients, and oxygen to break down fat and destroy fibrotic tissues, reducing skin dimples.
  • Comprehensive Detox and Lymphatic Drainage: The Therapy splashes out excess fluid and waste from tissues, effectively detoxifying the body. The broken-down fat cells are then eliminated through the lymphatic system, helping you lose 1-2 sizes and get rid of cellulite and body swelling.
  • Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation: Endospheres Therapy provides significant pain relief by reducing swelling and oxygenating nerve ends. It also relaxes muscles, improves microcirculation, and releases muscle spasms, enhancing mood and sleep.
  • Ongoing Benefits: Even after leaving the clinic, your body benefits from increased circulation, boosting your metabolism. 

How Long Does Endospheres Therapy Last?

How long do endosphere results last?

Clinical trials conducted two months after a 12-treatment course showed impressive results: "Among women aged 40 to 49, hip and waist circumference decreased respectively by 3.0±1.1 and 5.3±1.1cm. Among participants aged 50 to 59, the hip and waist circumferences decreased by 2.2±0.9 and 4.1±1.3 cm. In women aged 60 to 69, hip 2, 5±0.9, and waist 6.3±1.5 cm showed circumference reduction." Practitioners worldwide report that the benefits of Endospheres Therapy can last up to six months. After that, they recommend repeating the 12-treatment series. At MedVSpa, we offer an initial treatment package and maintenance sessions 1-2 times per month. This approach helps you maintain the benefits and avoid repeating the entire course every six months.

Experience lasting results and continuous improvement with Endospheres Therapy at MedVSpa!

What Is Endosphères Therapy?

Endospheres Therapy is a game-changer. This cutting-edge technology effectively targets stubborn cellulite and fibrous tissue. Using micro-vibrations and micro compression, Endosphere breaks down fat and fibrosis while providing a soothing lymphatic drainage massage to remove waste instantly. It also boosts deep muscle blood circulation, promoting the replacement of collagen and elastin. This process restores microcirculation throughout your body and revs up your metabolism.

Endospheres therapy does:

  • fat removal, 
  • lymphatic drainage, 
  • cellulite treatment, 
  • weight loss, 
  • body detox, 
  • body anti-aging.

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  • Lymphatic drainage


  • Abdomen
  • Cellulite
Frequently Asked Questions


1.How Much Is Endospheres Therapy in Toronto?

.The cost can fluctuate depending on the treatment package and treatment length offered by the clinic. Typically, the price for one Endospheres session ranges around $260 on average.

2.Is Endospheres Therapy Painful?

Not at all! Endospheres Therapy is entirely pain-free. Unlike treatments that use vacuum suction, which can be uncomfortable, Endospheres Therapy uses gentle micro-vibrations and micro compression.

3.What Is the Full Body Endosphere?

Full-body endospheres Therapy is designed to help people over 60 feel and look their best. It works by reducing cellulite, improving skin color and elasticity, and easing morning stiffness and leg pain. Plus, it boosts energy, enhances sleep, and lifts mood.

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