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What We Offer

Cosmetic Clinic Treatments

We have the most advanced technological equipment, and we offer the latest treatments in acne clearing, weight loss, and skin tightening.

Double Chin & Neck Treatments

The double chin removal treatment doesn’t require needles, only combining the technologies. The radiofrequency technology (RF) allows for fast and evident results when it comes to loose skin


Injections are widely used to reduce signs of aging, be it to fill in wrinkles or enlarge lips, injections continue to be a universal tool for the injector to better their client's appearances.

Body Treatments

Body treatments are done to improve the condition of skin and the tissues beneath it. From reducing bloating and size to improving the body’s lymph drainage, we can improve both the health and appearance of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.How to destroy the damaged collagen on the sides of the caves?

You know that caves of scars or stretch marks are deep. Do you think that creams, masks, or even peels and microdermabrasion will work on such a depth? The response is NO! All of them cannot reach the layer of collagen.

2.What does work?

Some lasers, RF- Radio Frequency and Fractional RF.

3.Why “some lasers”, but not all of lasers?

Many of lasers destroy only superficial skin layer but not deep. Stretch marks are deep collagen layer problem.

4.How does RF works?

RF stimulates collagen growth without damaging the superficial skin layer. It is the safest solution for the representatives of darker skin type because it never creates hyper pigmentation. Consider 6-9 treatments. The result will appear 2 month after the treatment was started. It is physiology of the process for the new collagen to grow.

5.What is a Fractional RF?

Stretch marks removal with Fractional RF gives the best results in modern aesthetic medicine. The technology “burns out “damaged collagen like laser and stimulates new collagen production working as RF on a depth. People with skin type 4+ should have additional precaution in order to avoid hyper pigmentation after the treatment. Consider 3-6 treatment once per month.

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