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Body treatments: cellulite removal lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage for cellulite removal and weight loss.

MedVSpa treats cellulite from the core of a problem, removing whole body swelling and forcing the body to detox.

Following the clinical trials of Starvac lymphatic drainage massage, be prepared to have t least 15 treatments for cellulite removal, body detox, and loss of up to 2 sizes. One more technology working for skin tightening and cellulite removal is Reaction / V10 Radiofrequency RF. Both of them are FDA approved for skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Radiofrequency Reaction is better for arms skin tightening and abdomen, as well as for cellulite removal in the age group 50+, whereas V10 helps with inner thighs better.
The cellulite removal approach is based on the pathophysiology of the concern, and differentiated for edema cellulite, adipose cellulite- fat- related, fibrotic cellulite, atonic cellulite- slender women problem, and muscle- aponeurotic cellulite, common for women, involved in sports.
Each client has customized treatment protocols for cellulite removal and weight loss.