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Facial Skin Rejuvenation / Facelift Treatment

Rejuvenation face lift treatment is a unique combination of MedVSPA technologies for a long lasting face lift. If you are over 45 and have sagging skin and wrinkles, this treatment is for you.

Rejuvenation face lift treatment includes a combination of 4 technologies. The combination varies depending on the concerns and aging process of each individual person. It works for deep and superficial skin on the same time and treats such conditions as:

Facial Skin Rejuvenation | Facelift Treatment| MedVSpa

Rejuvenation face lift treatment is a combination of 4 technologies:

RF skin tightening was approved by FDA and works to create collagen growth. As a result, face is lifted, jaws disappear. and the depth of wrinkles changes.

However, RF is an aggressive method of skin stimulation. The problem is that cells which are responsible for the collagen growth, change their shape and productivity after 45 years. Moreover, to create the collagen, these cells should be surrounded with sufficient amount of Hyaluronic acid deep inside in the skin. However, this production is impaired as well with age and no one cream is able to replenish it, because it is too deep inside into the skin.

It looks like the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen, like the wall should be build, but there is no good bricks to build this wall. Therefore, additional 3 technologies are used to prepare the skin responding properly for an aggressive RF stimulation.

Type of aging significantly influences on the combination of technologies which are considered as a preparation for RF skin tightening.

There are 4 types of aging

  • Saggy skin
  • Reformative
  • Tired
  • Muscular

If you want to know more about your type of aging, please ask MedVSPA Team.

The combination of technologies for Rejuvenation face lift treatment is unique and cannot be shared on a website. A consultation is required to build an individual treatment plan and it is included into your treatment. The length of the treatment is 2 hours.