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Acne Scar/Spot Removal Treatment

The best Acne treatment in Toronto demands a comprehensive approach; otherwise, there is no result.
For acne treatment we use the combination of technologies.

1. Diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion with the special handpieces developed for the skin with varying thickness (thin, thick, European, Asian, African, young or mature). We use microdermabrazion to remove dead cells from the top skin layer and normalize fat production.

2. Chemical peels (depends on the problem and condition of the skin).

  • Azelaic peel
  • Salicylic peel
  • Mindalic peel
  • Glycolic peel
  • Jessner peel

3. IPL laser for acne treatment

The special laser is developed for the acne treatment.
The light triggers the pigment inside of the closed sebaceous gland and destroys the bacteria.
The result is diminishing the inflammation and normalizing the production of excess sebum.
All together it means significantly fewer breakouts.

4. Infusion hydration

When the skin is dry and demands additional hydration to force the healing process, we recommend INFUSION with Hyaluronic acid or Blemish control solution.

5. Reaction skin tightening
Acne scars demand activation of collagen for this reason we use Radiofrequency technology — Reaction skin tightening.

1.Q:How long does the acne treatment last?

A:It is approximately a 60 or 90-minute treatment

2.Q:Will the acne treatment hurt?

A:You will feel no unpleasant sensations during the treatment

3.Q:How does the skin look like immediately after the treatment?

A:Do not worry about redness. After the treatment, you leave the clinic without significant redness on the face.

4.Q:How many treatments will I need?

A:According to Dermatological classification, acne has different stages. The number of treatments depends on the client's skin condition.