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Experience the Magic of Lymphatic Drainage for Cellulite Reduction!

What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

If you have swelling in your body because of fluid buildup, there is a massage that can help. It's called lymphatic drainage massage, and it comes in two types. One is lymphatic drainage hand massage, and the other uses a machine. The machine, called Starvac, can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and increase collagen production through lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite Treatments


You might have cellulite if you have bumpy skin on your thighs, hips, or buttocks. We have a guide to help you learn how to reduce and prevent it. There are two general approaches and different treatment options explained.

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Cellulite on Legs

If you're looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite on legs, several treatments are available. These include lymphatic drainage, laser treatments, and RF skin tightening, which reduce fat cells and smooth the skin. We've provided answers to 21 common questions to assist you in making an informed decision.

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Microneedling Body

Microneedling and RF microneedling can help improve the appearance of cellulite, saggy skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Microneedling triggers the body's natural healing response and boosts collagen production by creating trauma.

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This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your concerns and discover whether Lymphatic drainage massage fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your concerns.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage at MedVSPA

1. What Does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Do?

If you have cellulite, a lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce swelling caused by fluid buildup in your lymphatic system. There are two types of this massage: manual hand massage and lymphatic drainage massage, which uses modern techniques. The first technology used for lymphatic massage is called endermology. Still, a current system called Starvac can reduce swelling, improve microcirculation, and stimulate collagen growth to get rid of cellulite.

2. How Often Should You Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

If you have leg swelling or are going through menopause, MedVSPA recommends lymphatic drainage massage with the Starvac system. Clinical trials have shown that 15 treatments can reduce cellulite or accelerate weight loss. We suggest three weekly lymphatic drainage sessions for the first two weeks for the best results. After completing 15 sessions, you can continue to receive lymph drainage at a frequency that works best for you, whether once a week or once a month. The frequency of lymphatic drainage massage can vary from one time per week to once a month. Our experienced estheticians are here to help you feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

3. Is It Good to Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

If you experience body or leg swelling or cellulite or are looking to lose weight, a lymphatic drainage massage can help. This type of massage is effective in reducing swelling and detoxifying the body, as well as promoting collagen growth and enhancing microcirculation.

Lymphatic drainage treatment for cellulite

4. How Do I Know If I Need Lymphatic Drainage?

A lymphatic drainage massage may be helpful if your legs or other body areas are swollen. This kind of massage can help remove extra fluids and toxins, supporting detoxification. It can also change how your body stores and releases fat, potentially aiding in weight loss. Lymphatic drainage may also help reduce swelling related to metabolic syndrome. If you want to reduce cellulite, a lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent place to start. This type of massage can increase microcirculation and collagen production, and decrease body swelling, all of which can help to get rid of cellulite.

5. What Happens To Your Body After a Lymphatic Massage?

A lymphatic drainage massage could be helpful if you're looking to get rid of fluid and swelling in your body, improve microcirculation, and stimulate collagen growth. After the lymphatic massage, you will feel lighter and have better movement without pain. Lymphatic massage could also decrease your cravings for carbs, help you eat less, and boost your immune system, making you less likely to get sick. Plus, it will make your skin look more plump and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

6. How Do I Know If My Lymphatic System Is Clogged?

As we get older, our body can become swollen due to hormonal changes and decreased microcirculation. This swelling can cause facial swelling, eye swelling, and leg and ankle swelling. Hormonal changes can worsen these symptoms by impacting collagen production and skin quality. So, while cellulite may become more noticeable with age, it's caused by hormonal factors, body swelling, and poor circulation.

7. What Are The Symptoms Of Poor Lymphatic Drainage?

You may have poor lymphatic drainage if you experience an achy or heavy sensation, have difficulty moving, get skin infections often, notice hard, tight, or thickened skin, see folds in the skin, or observe wart-like growths on the skin.  

8. Is Lymphatic Drainage Painful?

During a lymphatic drainage massage, you may experience some discomfort. However, it should not be painful. If your body retains fluids and waste, and microcirculation is not functioning correctly, you may feel this discomfort. It usually happens during the third stage of the Starvac lymphatic drainage process, where an esthetician removes fluids and waste from your body. But after four lymphatic drainage treatments, lymph drainage and microcirculation improvements can reduce or eliminate this discomfort. Moreover, a lymphatic massage can increase microcirculation and collagen production. The duration of lymphatic drainage sessions typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes.

9. How Do I Know I Need A Lymph Drainage?

The body accumulates fluid as part of everyday processes. Usually, the body naturally removes waste that contains bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells. Still, specific circumstances, such as sitting for long periods, being overweight, having metabolic syndrome, or going through menopause or perimenopause, can slow this process down. Excess fluid and waste can build up in the body when this happens. Lymphatic massage can help move this fluid out of the body. Lymphatic drainage massage flushes out this excess fluid and debris, providing benefits for the body.

10. How Long Do Lymphatic Drainage Results Last?

You may feel lighter and better immediately after lymphatic drainage. The effects from one session can last up to 10 days, but it depends on your metabolism and lifestyle. To reduce cellulite, you should do 15 lymphatic drainage sessions or 6 of both lymphatic drainage and radiofrequency skin tightening. Such a combination of lymphatic drainage and skin tightening will give you noticeable results. 



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your  cellulite concerns and discover whether Cellulite Treatments fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your concerns. 

11. Where Does Your Lymphatic Drainage Go?

Our bodies possess a remarkable system known as the lymphatic vessels that collect fluids and waste from all body parts. These vessels then lead to collecting lymphatic ducts that release their contents into two subclavian veins below our collarbones. These veins merge to form the superior vena cava, a vital vein that transports blood from the upper portion of our body to our heart.

12. Do You Lose Weight After Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage treatment can help you lose weight and improve the condition of loose skin after weight loss. At MedVSPA, clients have reported losing a pound after just one session. With 15 sessions of Starvac lymphatic drainage treatment, you could lose up to two clothing sizes. If you are taking Ozempic or participating in a weight loss program, lymphatic drainage can be a helpful tool to shorten your plateau period and aid in waste elimination. Lymphatic drainage massage can leave you feeling better overall.

13. What Not To Do After a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

You can continue your usual activities after getting a lymphatic drainage massage with Starvac. But avoiding intense physical activity is a good idea because you might feel tired after the first few sessions. Also, it's recommended that you don't eat for at least an hour after the lymphatic drainage massage and instead drink a lot of water.



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your cellulite concerns and discover whether Cellulite Treatments fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your concerns.

14. Where Do Toxins Go After Lymphatic Drainage?

Your body's toxins are moved by the lymphatic system into the blood and then removed by the liver. Walking or exercising can help improve blood flow, improving lymphatic drainage, but extra measures may be needed if you have legs swelling, work from home, or are going through menopause. Mechanical assistance, called lymphatic drainage massage,  can help eliminate waste-filled fluids and promote blood flow. A medical esthetician can perform an advanced Starvac lymphatic drainage to speed up your lymphatic system and remove excess fluid and toxins from your body.

15. What Can I Drink For Lymphatic Drainage?

To help your body transport fluids and waste, it's best to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, at least a liter, before lymphatic drainage massage, and drink as much as possible afterward. You may also benefit from drinking herbal teas like ginger, peppermint, or chamomile. These teas can help stimulate lymphatic drainage. If you're looking for specialized products, Thalgo is a well-known brand that offers products like Drainage. You can find them at MedVSPA.

Remember, the primary purpose of lymphatic drainage is to help your body's lymph drainage process. As your body eliminates fluids, you may need to use the restroom more frequently and drink more water to replenish your blood volume. After the treatment, you may feel lighter, more energized, and overall better.

16. What Causes Blocked Lymphatic Drainage?

Several factors can affect how well your body gets rid of fluid and toxins through the lymphatic system. These include your lifestyle, genetics, hormones, and weight gain.
1) If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, you may feel tired, sluggish, bloated, and swollen.
2) Many people complain about legs swelling, especially if they have a family history of swelling and cellulite.
3)Swelling can become more common as women age and go through menopause. It can cause more cellulite and prolonged fatigue.
4) When you gain weight, your lymphatic system may have trouble getting rid of fluids and waste because of blockages of lymphatic drainage caused by excess fat.
You should get a lymphatic drainage massage if you notice swelling, cellulite, or weight gain.

17. How Should You Feel After Lymphatic Drainage?

After undergoing lymphatic drainage, it is common to experience increased urination as the body removes waste, which can lead to temporary feelings of thirst. Additionally, some individuals have reported a reduced appetite and a preference for lower carbohydrate intake. Lymphatic drainage massage can also improve sleep and higher energy levels throughout the day. This treatment has been known to reduce cellulite and promote skin tightening, resulting in better-fitting clothing. Those currently using Ozempic may experience quicker recovery following lymphatic drainage. For those who are on a weight loss journey, lymphatic drainage may be a helpful aid in reducing appetite and improving mood.

Lymphatic drainage treatment to get rid of cellulite


18. Does Drinking a Lot Of Water Help With Lymphatic Drainage?

Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy lifestyle, especially for the lymphatic system. Dehydration is a common cause of lymphatic congestion, which can lead to feelings of bloating, fatigue, and hunger. Additionally, a lack of water can make existing lymphatic issues worse. Drinking enough water throughout the day supports healthy lymphatic drainage and reduces water retention and body toxicity.

19. What Happens After The First Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Once your medical esthetician finishes draining your lymphatic system, they will focus on reactivating it to improve the lymph flow in your body. This process can prevent future issues or blockages. During this part of lymphatic drainage session, you may feel very relaxed. After lymph drainage, you might rest before leaving. You may also need to use the washroom more often due to the lymphatic outflow. If you don't experience any of these symptoms, it could mean that your lymphatic system is blocked, and further treatment is needed. It's important to know that lymphatic drainage with Starvac technology has been studied in clinical trials for 15 sessions, which is 20 times more effective than manual lymphatic drainage.

20.  How Soon Do You See Results From Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

After getting a lymphatic drainage massage, you could notice that your body feels better immediately. You will feel less heavy and less swollen. To see a significant reduction in cellulite or weight loss through lymphatic drainage, we recommended having 15 sessions(according to clinical studies). If you get the lymphatic drainage massage twice a week and eat a healthy diet, you could see a change in your clothing size, up to two sizes down.

21. Does Lymphatic Massage Help a Bloated Stomach?

If you're experiencing a bloated stomach, lymphatic drainage may be helpful. This type of massage stimulates your body's detoxification, reduces swelling, improves circulation, and promotes collagen growth. By using mechanical movements with DX Twin Starvac cups, lymphatic drainage can reduce bloating and water retention. Additionally, Starvac vacuum cups may help improve digestion. You should notice a difference immediately after a lymphatic drainage massage, with the potential to achieve a flatter stomach within just one hour of receiving lymphatic drainage with Starvac.

22. Lymphatic Drainage Massage: What to Know About Cellulite Treatment

Angelowska stated that only about 8% of clients seeking cellulite reduction are suitable for RF treatment while the majority of clients looking for cellulite reduction may benefit more from lymphatic drainage cellulite treatment. 


How to Combat Cellulite in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond. What Treatment is Best for Cellulite?

Welcome to our Blog post on combating cellulite as you age! We'll explore the best treatments available and share valuable insights on how to effectively tackle cellulite for smoother and firmer skin. Let's dive in!


Restoring Your Beauty, and Bringing Back Confidence into Your Life

At MedVSPA, a medical advanced aesthetician or R.N. spends quality time listening to your concerns. They assess your face and body and investigate where your aging signs are coming from. They will help you understand how your aging process can be improved and create a care plan specific to your aging type!

Share with us your 3 most important goals, and we will assist you in achieving a more youthful appearance in less than two hours with the help of Microneedling, Botox, or Dermal Fillers.

Our team of licensed estheticians and registered nurses are experts in skin aging, anatomy, and physiology. We will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your aging signs.

Discover the Benefits of Looking Younger

Do you remember a time when your skin was tight and smooth, free from jowls, big pores, scars, and wrinkles? If you're experiencing any of these skin issues, we can help you find solutions to improve your skin's health and appearance.

You don't have to accept it as your “new normal”. MedVSPA Toronto cosmetic clinic is here for you to help you get from “non-avoidable aging” to “the best version of myself”.

Whether you're experiencing hooded eyelids, pigmentation, or signs of aging such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or cellulite, or you are simply a woman wondering how to address these concerns, MedVSPA can help.

What Does MedVSPA Clinical Esthetician Do?

A MedVSPA clinical esthetician has the knowledge and experience to assess, treat, educate, and prescribe home care to achieve the maximum result with the minimum treatments possible. 

An assessment starts with evaluating your aging type, with questions about your aging concerns, health-related history, and menstrual or menopausal history. A physical assessment involves looking at your tissue (skin, problems, skin discoloration, big pores, skin tone) and structural aging (hooded eyelids, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, glabella lines) as well as your home care assessment. The total assessment includes the history of your previous beauty treatments:

  • Which made you look younger?
  • How soon you saw the result?
  • How long the effect lasted?

Then from the assessment, your clinical esthetician will determine a plan on how to address your concerns. This may include microneedling and mesotherapy in one treatment, individual home care to make you look younger than your age, and a maintenance treatment plan. Your clinical esthetician will write the individual treatment plan for each visit to reach your goal of looking younger and more confident. 

Clinical esthetician performs microneedling




This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your  cellulite concerns and discover whether Cellulite Treatments fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your concerns. 

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Do you agree that to be resistant against viruses, you have to keep your immune system high? You eat healthily, exercise twice weekly, trying to handle stress. What else can you do to boost your immune system?

About MedVSPA

If you are like most, you don’t want to wait weeks or years to treat your aging signs. And you don’t want to have to spend hours looking for the treatment plan to reverse aging. That is where MedVSPA comes in - Cosmetic Clinic Toronto that focuses on anti-aging for looking younger than your age. Google reviews reflect MedVSPA’s reasonable microneedling cost in Toronto, evaluate us as the Best Botox Toronto, and nobbled us as a cellulite lymphatic drainage clinic.


Choose healthy aging for looking younger than your age and bring more confidence to your life. MedVSPA has been a Cosmetic Clinic Toronto in Yorkville since 2012. Our mission is to increase your confidence when looking younger than your age. Our goal is not booking “beauty treatments” but a medical aesthetic treatment plan based on your skin aging process. Whether you are seeking age reversing solution or preventative treatment, you can expect a patient-centric approach to be new and different from any medical aesthetic you’ve had before. Perhaps, the life-changing.

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Discover Effective Solutions for Your Creepy Skin, Face Wrinkles, and Fine Lines

Tell us your top three concerns. We'll take care of them quickly and efficiently. Our treatments can improve your confidence and look by reducing signs of aging. They can be injected or non-injected.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Get a more youthful look in less than 2 hours with our customized plan. Our advanced technology and safe injectable treatments can improve the quality of your skin and boost your self-confidence in your appearance.

Caring Therapists

Our team are registered nurses and licensed estheticians who are experts in skin aging, anatomy, and physiology. They will create a personalized treatment plan to address the underlying causes of your aging signs.

FAQ About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1.How do I know if my lymphatic massage is working?

You can tell that your lymphatic drainage massage is effective because it improves how you feel and changes your appearance. People who use lymphatic drainage massage may notice reduced swelling, particularly in their legs, and improved limb mobility. If you're trying to lose weight, you may find after lymph drainage that you're less hungry for carbs and that your body requires less food overall. Those seeking to eliminate cellulite may observe fewer dimples and smoother, more even-looking skin. You'll also feel more energized and healthier after a lymphatic drainage massage.

2.Why Am I so tired after a lymphatic massage?

Feeling a bit tired after receiving lymphatic drainage is typical. Your body eliminates excess fluids and toxins after lymphatic drainage massage, which can cause stress and require a lot of energy. Additionally, your metabolism must adapt to new regulations to transform the food you consume into energy rather than storing it as fat. However, there's no need to be concerned; experiencing tiredness after your initial lymphatic drainage treatment is natural. Getting a proper night's sleep is advisable to assist your body in resting and recuperating after lymphatic drainage.

3.Which Massage Is Best For Weight Loss?

Combining lymphatic drainage massage with vacuum massage in one treatment is recommended for effective weight loss. This approach helps regulate your mood, reduces hunger, and produces faster results. Eliminating excess fluids and toxins from your body is essential to stop storing fat and converting it into energy. After the lymphatic drainage detox effect, you will feel full faster and have a reduced appetite. The lymphatic drainage massage also helps balance your body's energy, which enables it to convert food into energy instead of fat. This provides a sense of control and relieves any anxiety related to food. Furthermore, lymphatic drainage removes excess fluids, resulting in weight loss. We suggest using the Starvac lymphatic drainage technology, which combines lymphatic drainage and vacuum massage into one treatment for natural weight loss.

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