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Skinvive VS. Sculptra: A Comprehensive Comparison.

Introduction to Skinvive and Sculptra.

Skinvive and Sculptra are well-known and influential skin injectables available today and are particularly popular in Toronto. Both treatments rejuvenate the skin and help you look younger. However, there are significant differences between these two injectable treatments.

Key Differences

  • Skinvive is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler.
  • Sculptra is a gel, made of poly-L-lactic acid.
  • Both work to rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with minimal volume increase.

Injection Areas and Sessions

  • Skinvive can be injected similarly to tear-through dermal fillers, lip fillers, and neck lifts.
  • Sculptra injections are strictly avoided in these areas.
  • Skinvive requires only one injection session.
  • Sculptra requires up to four sessions, typically spaced a month apart.

Duration of Effects

  • Skinvive results can last up to 9 months.
  • Sculptra  can last up to 2 years.

Managing Side Effects

  • In the worst-case scenario, bumps may appear after using hyaluronic acid filler like Skinvive, but these are easily removable with hyaluronidase.
  • Nodules are a potential side effect of Sculptra injections. Unlike with Skinvive, hyaluronidase does not remove nodules and may require surgical removal.

Cost Comparison

  • The price of Skinvive in Toronto ranges from $650 to $500.
  • The price of Sculptra depends on the number of vials used and starts at $1,000.

Suitable Age Groups and Benefits

  • Skinvive works for all age groups, delivering skin plumping, lifting, and hydration.
  • Sculptra is particularly effective for those who have just begun to notice the first wrinkles. However, it is not recommended for individuals over 65 who have experienced significant volume loss, as it may not provide the desired results.
  • Compared to Juvederm Voluma or Juvederm Volux, Sculptra offers minimal volume enhancement but benefits overall skin lifting.

Is Sculptra the Same as Skinvive?

While Sculptra and Skinvive aim to rejuvenate the skin, they work through different mechanisms. Sculptra enhances skin collagen production, gradually increasing facial volume and reducing wrinkles. Skinvive improves skin hydration by activating aquaporins and enhancing skin lifting through natural biostimulation effects.

What Are the Key Differences Between Skinvive and Sculptra?

Key Differences

  • Sculptra Treatment:
    • Stimulates collagen production.
    • Gradually restore facial volume (less than dermal fillers).
    • Effective for reducing wrinkles.
    • Ideal for initial signs of aging but not recommended for individuals over 65.  with volume loss.
  • Skinvive by Juvederm:
    • Acts as a biostimulator.
    • Enhances skin hydration by activating aquaporins.
    • Provides skin lifting effects.
    • Suitable for all age groups, including menopausal, focusing on skin plumping, lifting, and hydration.

What Is the Best Age for Sculptra?

The best age to start a Sculptra treatment is before noticing signs of aging, such as volume lossfine lines and wrinkles, and saggy skin. Many individuals begin a comprehensive anti-aging routine, including dermal fillers like Sculptra, in their 40s to address these concerns. This proactive approach helps in skin improvement and can even be combined with treatments like a neck lift to maintain a youthful appearance and enhance overall skin elasticity.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Skinvive?

Are you a good candidate for Skinvive JuvedermSkinvive is an excellent choice for enhancing skin rejuvenation and achieving radiant skin. This biostimulator filler is particularly effective for improving skin texture and addressing wrinkles or deep creases in the cheeks. It's ideal for those dealing with saggy cheeksloose skin, and dry skin due to aging. People with significant volume loss should see expert injectors to find the best face fillers, like Juvederm, that suit their needs. These may include tear-throughchin, and jawline fillers.

How Long Does Skinvive Last?

6-9 months, 

The results of Skinvive Juvederm, a biostimulator filler, are clinically proven to last up to 6 months for skin hydration and nine months for skin improvement. This treatment enhances skin rejuvenation and helps achieve radiant skin. An optional touch-up may be needed to maintain the result. Repeat the treatment in six- nine months. Regular evaluations ensure that you continue to benefit from improved skin texture, reduced saggy cheeks, and less loose and dry skin as part of addressing agingFace fillers like Skinvive Juvederm offer a reliable solution for ongoing skin enhancement. SkinVive can improve saggy neck concerns for those thinking about a neck lift.

How Long Does Sculptra Actually Last?

The production of collagen continues for months after a Sculptra treatmentSculptra® results can last two years or more between touch-ups. While collagen will naturally fade over time, you will need occasional maintenance treatments to keep fine lineswrinkles, and saggy skin looking smoother. Regular dermal filler sessions can significantly contribute to overall skin improvement.

How Do They Do Skinvive?

How is Skinvive Administered? Skinvive by Juvederm is administered through a series of small injections at strategic points within the treatment area. Your injector will place tiny "microdroplets" of hyaluronic acid gel about 0.5-1 cm apart beneath the skin to achieve optimal hydration benefits. This precise technique ensures even distribution and maximizes skin improvement. The facial procedure typically takes 15-20 minutes and 10-15 minutes for the neck. Numbing cream can be used before the injections, providing efficient and effective treatment with minimal downtime.

What is the Best Way to Inject Sculptra?

There are two recommended techniques for injecting SCULPTRA® in the face for a Sculptra treatment: cannula injections. The threading or tunnelling technique with a cannula is well-suited for the mid and lower face, including the cheeks and chin. This method ensures that Sculptra is evenly distributed, promoting natural collagen production and effectively reducing saggy skinfine lines, and wrinkles. However, injecting into the areas around the eyes, mouth, marionette lines, and crow's feet is banned because of the risk of nodules. 

Where to Not Inject Sculptra?

Avoiding Side Effects with Sculptraa

When considering Sculptra treatment, following the recommended guidelines is crucial to avoid unwanted side effects and uneven skin texture. Here are key points to keep in mind:

  • Recommended Injection Areas: Stick to areas your skin care provider advises, such as the cheeks and chin, to ensure safe and effective results.
  • Areas to Avoid:
    • Between the eyebrows
    • On the nose
    • Around the lips
    • Around the eyes
    • Into or around the frontalis muscle of the forehead

Injecting Sculptra in these regions can lead to increased side effects and uneven texture, so it's best to adhere to professional advice for optimal outcomes.

Where Do They Inject Skinvive?

Safe Injection Areas for Skinvive

When considering Skinvive by Juvederm, knowing where it can be safely and effectively injected is essential.

  • Ideal Injection Areas:
    • Checks
    • Around the eyes (using a cannula)
    • Marionette lines
    • Smile lines
    • Around the lips
    • Neck (for a neck lift)
  • Areas to Avoid:
    • On the nose
    • Forehead
    • Between the eyebrows

Skinvive is particularly effective for treating marionette lines and smile lines and improving the overall appearance around the lips with a cannula. It can also be used around the eyes with a cannula for precise application. However, it is not recommended for use on the nose, forehead, or between the eyebrows. Skinvive works very well as a neck lift fillerfor those looking to enhance the neck area.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1.How Much Does Sculptra Cost in Toronto?

$1000 Sculptra injectable treatments start at $1000.

2.How Much is Skinvive Per Syringe?

SkinVive can also address fine lines, wrinkles, and crepey skin on the neck and face. Pricing: One syringe costs $500. Every single visit requires one or two syringes.

3.Is Skinvive Painful?

Skinvive by Juvederm involves minimal discomfort. Most patients tolerate the procedure without numbing, as the injectable treatment takes 15- 20 minutes. For those who are scared, numbing cream can be applied before SkinVive injections.

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