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The most effective treatment to replace volume is filler injections. Regional fillers were developed to replace the volume which we're losing because of the aging process. It's very easy to assess if we need fillers, or not. When you see a dip in your temple area or you see a hollower space near your ear, these are the conditions that can be successfully treated with injections.

When you look at yourself and see a spot that lost volume in your cheek, this is a condition to be improved by filler injections. If you see that your lips are barely visible, this is a condition that will respond to filler injections. In addition, many young people consider fillers to follow the trend created by social media to have perfectly lifted cheekbones or prominent appealing lips.

Many people experience fear and are opposed to injections in the middle part of the face; commonly around the cheekbone area. I completely agree that prominent and visible underlying cheekbones make people look “done,” “weird,” and “look like others.” These injections are especially noticeable when people smile. The cheek-bones may look unnaturally big, giving the illusion of smaller eyes. This area is very tricky not to over-inject.

First of all, when the product is put down in vectors, it shows a much smoother result, compared to when a certain amount is put into one spot. Secondly, after looking at this picture, you can evaluate the average amount of filler that may be inserted. Imagine, this area was injected with a vector technic.

What happened with your nasolabial folds? Are they disappearing? What about the bags or hollows under your eyes? Do they look better? Is your face lifted after a volume of product is injected? One syringe is considered a minimum to inject within the middle third of one’s face. If you are happy with the results the way they are, the injections may be complete. If you would like more noticeable results, additional injections can be done immediately or two weeks later, when 30% of the results will be noticeable.

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