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Do you agree that to be resistant against viruses, you have to keep your immune system high? You eat healthily, exercise twice weekly, trying to handle stress. What else can you do to boost your immune system? Toxins removal with reinforcement of lymphatic drainage is a scientifically proved way to raise your immunity. Starvac lymphatic drainage treatment is increasing your immunity and helps to resist viruses.

What does science say ?

According to the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York published in 2019 in addition to draining fluid, the lymphatics system is responsible for lipid and fatty acid absorption and is an essential regulator of cholesterol metabolism.

The lymphatic system also regulates immune responses by transporting bacteria, foreign antigens, particulate matter, exosomes, and immune cells to regional lymph nodes.

Regulation of immune responses occurs at multiple levels and is both active and passive.

What do people say how they feel after Starvac treatment:

  • feel healthy
  • feel more energy
  • see tighten skin without cellulite ( cellulite treatment)
  • hear the compliments, because the body has better shape

COVID precautions

You cover your face with the mask during the treatment. Your bed is sanitized, and the practitioner is following Health Canada regulations.

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