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Experience the Magic of Endospheres Therapy

What Is Endospheres Therapy?

Discover the benefits of Endospheres Therapy in Toronto at MedVSpa, the first in Toronto and Canada to offer this innovative treatment. Endospheres Therapy uses compressive microvibration and microcompression for effective body contouring and cellulite reduction. This non-invasive therapy specifically targets cellulite on legs, helps you lose belly fat, and reduces body swelling with lymphatic drainage massage. The handpiece, equipped with rotating silicone spheres, breaks down fat cells, stimulates collagen production, and works for skin tightening. Endospheres Therapy alleviates pain, diminishes skin dimples, and supports weight loss, leaving you with smoother, firmer skin and a more sculpted body.

Endospheres Therapy for Cellulite

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps to move lymphatic fluid in the body. Starvac treatment uses cupping massage and vacuum techniques to get rid of cellulite, eliminate harmful substances, reduce swelling, and boost the immune system.

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Cellulite on Legs

If you're looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite on legs, several treatments are available. These include lymphatic drainage, laser treatments, and RF skin tightening, which reduce fat cells and smooth the skin. We've provided answers to 21 common questions to assist you in making an informed decision.

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Microneedling Body

Microneedling and RF microneedling can help improve the appearance of cellulite, saggy skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Microneedling triggers the body's natural healing response and boosts collagen production by creating trauma.

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This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your  body concerns and discover whether Endospheres Treatment fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your concerns.


Endospheres Therapy at MedVSPA

1. Is Endospheres Therapy Worth It?

Yes, Endospheres Therapy is worth it. This innovative technology is effective in targeting stubborn cellulite and fibrous tissue. It uses microvibrations and microcompression to break down fat and fibrosis and provides a lymphatic drainage massage to immediately remove waste. Additionally, it stimulates blood circulation from deep within the muscles, helping to replace collagen and elastin tissues. This process restores microcirculation throughout the body and boosts your metabolism.

 Endospheres therapy work for

  • cellulite removal
  • weight loss
  • skin tightening
  • body anti aging
  • pain relief

2. How Does Endospheres Therapy Work?

Endospheres Therapy works in a few key ways to improve your skin and overall health:

  1. Boosts Blood Flow and Oxygen Levels: Increasing skin temperature and cellular oxygenation is like turning up the thermostat to help your skin, fat, and muscles function better.
  2. Endospheres Therapy removes waists and swelling, activates lymphatic drainage, flushes out toxins, and removes the fillings of heavy legs and a bloated stomach.
  3. Stimulates Energy Points: Similar to flipping a switch, Endospheres Therapy opens calcium channels, which are crucial for many bodily functions, like collagen growth, fat removal, muscle tone improvement, and pain relief.

These actions together lead to several benefits:

  • Enhances Metabolism: Think of it as turbocharging your body's engine, making all its processes run more efficiently. Your body will not store fat; it will use it to give you more energy.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Like applying a soothing balm, it helps awaken without stiffness and get rid of cellulite.
  • Supports Immune Health: It boosts your immune system, helping your body repair and regenerate more effectively. Endospheres Therapy is a 100% anti-aging body treatment.

3. How Long Does Endospheres Therapy Last?

The longevity of Endospheres therapy results depends 

  • How old are you. The result of cellulite removal will last longer for 20 years than for 75 years old.
  • If you are over 60 but on a healthy diet and exercise twice weekly, the results will last longer than for a person of your age who is not involved in these activities.

Many Endospheres clinical trials were conducted two months after 12 or 20 sessions of therapy were completed. All of the scientists confirmed that the results increased after two months.

Endospheres treatment

4. How Many Sessions Are Needed for Endospheres Therapy?

 It depends on the patient, but generally, a complete protocol for the body consists of between 12 and 20 sessions scheduled 2 to 3 times a week. 

If you have a goal to improve your body shape significantly, Clinical trials show the results for Perimenopausal and post-menopausal women:

After the Endospheres® cycle, hip and waist circumference decreased respectively by 3.0±1.1 and 5.3±1.1cm.  (40-49 years);  2.2±0.9 and 4.1±1.3 cm,aged 50 to 59; 2, 5±0.9, and 6.3±1.5 cm 2, 5±0.9, and 6.3±1.5 cm for 60-65y.o. n The Treatment Of Cellulite Using Compressive Microvibration®

To lose weight and speed up your metabolism, take it as Endospheres therapy. You have to start three times per week, then switch to 2 times and one time.  

If your goal is to prevent aging and cellulite, medical esthetician personnel will build an Endospheres treatment program after a full body assessment.

5. How Much Does Endosphere Cost in Toronto?

The cost of endospheres therapy in Toronto varies depending on the clinic's endosphere treatment package. On average, one session can range around $260.

6. Is Endospheres Therapy Safe?

Endosphères Therapy is 100% safe and presents no side effects whatsoever. Endosphères Therapy can be used for any age group at any time of the year, regardless of the season. Endospheres therapy can benefit individuals seeking treatment for body contouring, cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage massage, reduction of belly and arm fat, and addressing body swelling and skin dimpling. This therapy targets areas such as cellulite on the legs and aims to provide lymphatic massage to address these concerns.

7. How Do I Know How Many Enddospheres Sessions I Will Need to See Results??

The number of Endospheres Treatment sessions depends on your

  • microcirculation &age
  • how swollen is your body
  • do you experience pain or not

After the first treatment, you will know how many Endospheres therapy sessions you need. MedVSpa uses the advanced Endospheres model, especially developed for the body. This model has a sensor, helping you understand your body condition on different levels: skin, fat, fascia, and muscles.

8. What Is the Endosphere Technique?

How Endospheres Therapy Works:

  1. Improves Blood Flow: The vibrating balls stimulate blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase blood flow rich in nutrients and oxygen. It helps rejuvenate the tissues.
  2. Breaks Down Fat Cells: The therapy can destroy damaged and stiff fat cells and fibrotic tissue that build up with age or poor circulation. This helps reduce cellulite and improve skin texture.
  3. Enhances Collagen: Gentle vibrations on the collagen layer boost blood supply and repair damaged structures, promoting healthier skin.
  4. Relieves Pain: The vibrations also help with pain relief, similar to how shaking your hand after a pinch reduces pain. Increased blood flow oxygenates nerve endings, stopping them from sending pain signals.
  5. Lymphatic Drainage: The rolling action of the balls provides a lymphatic drainage massage, helping the body eliminate waste and excess fluid. It reduces swelling caused by clogged lymphatic vessels or water retention.

9. What Is Better, LPG or Endosphere?

What is the contrast between endospheres and LPG? This innovative approach departs from the traditional "Aspiration-Traction" concept and embraces a new "Compression-Microvibration" concept. LPG is a lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite removal; Endospheres Therapy works by improving microcirculation, stimulating lymph drainage, activating metabolism, and removing fat.

Imagine it as a massage that compresses and vibrates the tissues, triggering an "Elastic Response" to enhance microcirculation and the development of new vessels. The heightened microcirculation prompts fibrotic tissue replacement, fat elimination, and skin tightening through collagen synthesis. Consequently, this therapy harnesses "Compressive Microvibration" to elicit various advantageous cellulite treatments.

10. Can Endosphere Reduce Cellulite?

Endospheres Therapy uses a unique vibrating technique that effectively treats cellulite with fibrous and swollen issues. This therapy improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, tightens the skin, and alleviates pain, providing a comprehensive solution for smoother, healthier skin without dimples.



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your body concerns and discover whether Endospheres Therapy fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your goals. 

11. Does Endosphere Tighten Skin?

The rotating spheres help remodel the skin and connective tissue. They enhance vascular, metabolic, purifying, and regenerating activities for collagen and elastin fibres. Much like regular exercise improves overall body health, leading to a natural restructuring of the tissues, endosphere treatment works for skin tightening.

12. How to Use Endospheres?

The device for endosphere therapy has spheres that can roll and vibrate, massaging tissues in different directions with different intensities. The rollers move across the skin, applying pressure and creating lymphatic drainage. They can vibrate to varying depths up to the depth of muscles. Endosphere therapy helps stimulate collagen, remodel the tissue, remove fat, increase metabolism, reshape the body, and prevent aging.

13. What Are Benefits of Endospheres Therapy?

Endospheres Therapy offers several significant effects:

  1. Tissue CompactionBreaks down fat compartments, making tissues more compact.
  2. Lymphatic Drainage: Provides strong lymphatic drainage.
  3. Improved Blood Flow: Increases tissue vascularization and skin temperature.
  4. Reduced Inflammation: Lowers inflammation and reduces pain.

The Endospheres® system is adequate for:

  • Phlebolymphatic conditions with swollen legs (both acute and chronic lymphedema)
  • Tissue sagging
  • Various forms of cellulitic panniculitis

It helps reduce pain, edema, heaviness, and cellulite. Endospheres Therapy is a reference point for treating clinical and aesthetic issues like edema, fat accumulation, or lipodystrophy in the lower limbs, body, and abdomen.



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your body concerns and discover whether Endospheres Therapy fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your goals.

14. What Is the Full Body Endosphere?

Endospheres therapy is designed to help people over 60 feel and look better. This treatment boosts blood flow and tones muscles, giving you a refreshing sense of "muscle reactivation." It works through gentle vibrations that improve your circulation and rejuvenate your tissues.

Endospheres therapy is an anti-aging treatment that reduces cellulite, enhances skin colour and elasticity, and relieves morning stiffness and leg pain. It also increases your energy, improves your sleep and mood, and inspires you to stay active, travel more, and feel great in short skirts.

15. What's the Best Treatment for Cellulite?

Endospheres therapy

When it comes to treating cellulite, it's helpful to know there are two main types: Hot and Cold cellulite.

Hot Cellulite: 

  • Known as "adipose cellulite," this type involves increased fat under the skin. It's common in younger or overweight individuals.
  • Typically, it appears as juvenile cellulite or cellulite in girls with higher body fat.

Cold Cellulite: 

  • This includes "edematous cellulite" and "fibrous cellulite," both caused by poor blood flow and a buildup of fluids and toxins.
  • It's common in girls who take certain hormonal pills, lead a sedentary lifestyle, or have swollen legs in the evening due to poor blood and lymph flow.
  • It also affects older women and is marked by coarse fat deposits and fibrous tissue.

Best Treatment: Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy is very effective for Cold Cellulite, especially the type with fibrous and fluid buildup. Here's why:

  1. Boosts Blood Flow: The treatment improves circulation and tissue oxygen delivery.
  2. Reduces Inflammation: It stimulates the body's receptors to open calcium channels and reduces inflammation,providing significant pain relief.
  3. Breaks Down Fat: The vibrations break down stubborn fat cells and fibrous tissues, smoothing the skin.
  4. Drains Lymphatic Fluids: The method helps remove excess fluids and waste from the body, reducing swelling.
  5. Eases Pain: The therapy targets skin receptors to reduce or eliminate pain, making nerves less sensitive and more relaxed.
  6. Tones and Tightens: It tones and remodels the skin, reducing the "orange-peel" effect and improving the skin's appearance.

Conclusion: Endospheres Therapy, with its unique vibrating technique, is highly effective for treating cellulite, especially the cold type with its fibrous and fluid-related issues. This therapy boosts blood flow, reduces inflammation, tones the skin, and alleviates pain, providing a comprehensive solution for smoother, healthier skin without cellulite.

16. What Are the Side Effects of Endosphères Therapy?

No side effects have been reported after the Endospheres treatments. However, after the treatment, you may feel a little bit dizzy, desperately need a washroom, or feel a little bit drowsy. These symptoms, mostly not side effects, could be Endospheres Therapy adverse reactions.

17. Is Endosphere Painful?

The endosphere procedure is not painful; it only causes a pleasant sense of muscular reactivation. The method is very effective on the whole body, from your forehead to your feet, for any age group because endosphere therapy is an anti-aging body treatment.

Endespheres treatment

18. Does the Endosphere Really Work?

The Endospheres Procedure

The 55 spheres are applied to the skin in a targeted manner, creating microvibrations that stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Treatment sessions typically last between 40 and 60 minutes. Endosphere therapy can be performed on the whole body with the goal of body anti-aging, or it can be spliced into areas to get rid of cellulite or reduce volume for a body shape. One more goal for endosphere therapy is weight loss

19. What Is Endospheres?

Endospheres Therapy tailors the treatment intensity to each patient's needs, like adjusting the settings on a massage chair. The rotation speed of the silicone spheres determines the frequency of vibrations, which can range from a gentle hum at 40 Hz to a stronger vibration at 355 Hz. 

The direction and pressure of the handpiece on the skin create "micro-compression," combined with the micro-vibrations from the spheres. This generates a continuous pulsed and rhythmic action, producing a positive/negative "pump" effect, like a gentle, rhythmic squeezing.

The result of microvibration and microcompression is:

  1. Cellulite reduction
  2. Skin tightening
  3. Body reshaping
  4. Smooth skin with a better skin colour
  5. Better body metabolism
  6. Morning stiffness reduction
  7. Incresed energy and Better Sleep
  8. Weight Loss

20. Is Endosphere Therapy Permanent?

Unfortunately, the result of Endospheres therapy is not permanent. It is a natural treatment that helps your body get rid of cellulite, improve body shape, lose weight, remove body swelling, and tighten your skin. 

21. Who Is the Manufacturer of Endosphere?

Fenix Group is an Italian company developing Endospheres®, an innovative technology using Compressive Microvibration® and Microcompression® methods for cellulite removal, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and many other benefits. It was launched in Toronto in June 2024.


Restoring Your Beauty, and Bringing Back Confidence into Your Life

At MedVSPA, a medical advanced aesthetician or R.N. spends quality time listening to your concerns. They assess your face and body and investigate where your aging signs are coming from. They will help you understand how your aging process can be improved and create a care plan specific to your aging type!

Share with us your 3 most important goals, and we will assist you in achieving a more youthful appearance in less than two hours with the help of Microneedling, Botox, or Dermal Fillers.

Our team of licensed estheticians and registered nurses are experts in skin aging, anatomy, and physiology. We will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your aging signs.

Discover the Benefits of Looking Younger

Do you remember a time when your skin was tight and smooth, free from jowls, big pores, scars, and wrinkles? If you're experiencing any of these skin issues, we can help you find solutions to improve your skin's health and appearance.

You don't have to accept it as your “new normal”. MedVSPA Toronto cosmetic clinic is here for you to help you get from “non-avoidable aging” to “the best version of myself”.

Whether you're experiencing hooded eyelids, pigmentation, or signs of aging such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or cellulite, or you are simply a woman wondering how to address these concerns, MedVSPA can help.

What Does MedVSPA Clinical Esthetician Do?

A MedVSPA clinical esthetician has the knowledge and experience to assess, treat, educate, and prescribe home care to achieve the maximum result with the minimum treatments possible. 

An assessment starts with evaluating your aging type, with questions about your aging concerns, health-related history, and menstrual or menopausal history. A physical assessment involves looking at your tissue (skin, problems, skin discoloration, big pores, skin tone) and structural aging (hooded eyelids, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, glabella lines) as well as your home care assessment. The total assessment includes the history of your previous beauty treatments:

  • Which made you look younger?
  • How soon you saw the result?
  • How long the effect lasted?

Then from the assessment, your clinical esthetician will determine a plan on how to address your concerns. This may include microneedling and mesotherapy in one treatment, individual home care to make you look younger than your age, and a maintenance treatment plan. Your clinical esthetician will write the individual treatment plan for each visit to reach your goal of looking younger and more confident. 

Clinical esthetician performs microneedling




This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your body concerns and discover whether Endospheres Therapy fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your goals. 

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FAQ About Endospheres Therapy

1.What Are the Results of Endosphere Massage?

Endospheres Therapy Results Endosphere therapy effectively reduces stubborn cellulite, making your skin even and smooth. It enhances your metabolism by improving blood circulation and eliminating waste. With increased blood supply, endosphere therapy transforms your skin colour from gray to pink. It helps to reposition fat and tighten your skin for a more defined body shape. Alleviating pain by oxygenating nerve ends and reducing the acidic pH that causes discomfort is one of many benefits. Enjoy reduced morning stiffness, which is especially beneficial for older adults after Endosphere. Experience a noticeable increase in energy and improved sleep quality with Endospheres.

2.What Is an Immediate Results of Endospheres Therapy?

One of the first effects patients notice is improved blood flow and muscle toning, which they describe as a sense of "muscle reactivation." This feeling is due to the increased vascularization and tissue reactivation brought about by compressive microvibration, much like how a brisk walk wakes up your muscles. Preliminary clinical observations suggest that Endospheres Therapy is an ideal technique for treating all forms of cellulite, lipoedema, and lipodystrophy. It is particularly effective for cellulite related to fibrosis, swelling, or weight gain.

3.How Much Does Endosphere Cost in Canada?

The cost of endosphere therapy varies depending on how long the treatment is, whether it is applied to the whole body or for cellulite on the legs or other body parts. The average Endospheres therapy sessions can range from $210.

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