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What Is Tear Trough Filler?

Tear trough filler is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves injecting dermal fillers into the area under the eyes, known as the tear trough. The procedure is designed to minimize the appearance of dark circles, eye bags, and sunken eyes, which can significantly impact a person's self-confidence and self-esteem. By filling the hollows under the eyes, tear trough filler treatment can give the face a more youthful and refreshed look.

Dermal Filler

Dermal Filler

Want to improve your appearance without surgery? Dermal fillers can help. These injectables use hyaluronic acid to add volume and smooth out wrinkles. They can enhance lips, cheeks, and chin or contour the face.

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Chin Filler

Chin filler, like lip or cheek filler is becoming popular in Toronto. Chin filler adds dimension, depth, and proportion to your face, especially when combined with jawline filler.

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Jawline Filler

Jawline filler is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting dermal fillers into the jawline area to enhance jawline shape and definition. Jawline filler creates a more defined and sculpted jawline, improves sagging skin, and removes double chin and jowls.

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This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Microneedling, Botox, or Dermal Filler fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging.

The Ultimate Guide to Dermal Filler

Get Rid of Saggy Skin, Face Wrinkles, and Fine Lines with Fillers at MedVSPA

1. How Long Does Tear Trough Filler Last?

The duration of the effect of a filler depends on its type. Health Canada has approved several fillers, with Volbella by Juvederm being the longest-lasting for tear troughs, providing up to 18 months of results. When the dermal filler is placed deep under the muscle, it can last for extended periods because it is held in place.

2. How Risky is Tear Trough Filler?

Using a cannula to position the tear trough dermal filler is a safe and effective technique that minimizes the risk of complications. Despite the high circulation level in the tear through area, the risk of filler being delivered into a vessel is extremely low.

3. How Painful is Under Eye Filler?

The entire procedure usually takes 15-30 minutes. The aesthetic injector creates a small entry point with a needle, through which a cannula delivers the dermal filler under the muscle. The tear trough treatment is uncomfortable but not painful.

Dermal filler injection

4. How Much is Under Eye Filler Toronto?

Tear trough filler costs range from $750 to $1000 in Toronto, depending on the filler name and dermal filler longevity.

From the ExpertIf you are over 45y.o. and see sunken eyes, eye bags, and saggy skin, be prepared that other face areas could be injected first before tearing tear trough.

5. What Are the Side Effects of Under Eye Fillers?

It's essential to be aware of the possible side effects of tear trough fillers. Swelling and bruises are common immediate side effects that can occur during or within a couple of days after the injection. These side effects typically disappear within two weeks without any additional treatment. However, a more serious side effect called Tindal Syndrome may occur when the dermal filler is positioned too superficially, resulting in the appearance of a bluish line under the skin. Another deferred side effect is the appearance of "sausages" under the eyes, which can occur six months to 2 years after the tear trough filler injection. This side effect is caused by the migration of dermal filler to the superficial skin layers and the retention of fluids in the under-eye area. 

From the Expert: By understanding these potential side effects, you can feel more confident and prepared for the process and focus on tear trough fillers' positive, rejuvenating benefits.

6. How Bad is Swelling After Under Eye Filler?

Juvederm Volbella is a unique under-eye dermal filler that effectively reduces sunken eyes and eye bags without swelling. However, mild or moderate swelling can occur under the eyes due to cannula movement or trauma. 

From the expertFor a natural-looking result and to avoid complications, it's recommended to have an immediate effect with tear trough correction done at a range of 70% to 80%.

7. What Age Should You Get Tear Trough Filler?

If you're looking to correct the signs of structural aging or cover up some structural imperfections you may have been born with, tear trough filler can help. However, if you have hollow eyes, dark circles, or eye bags, it's recommended that you check Microneedling RF or Botox options first before getting tear through filler. If you aim to camouflage eye bags that you were born with or correct under eye hollow areas, it's best to get it done in your early twenties.

8. Do Eyes Look Worse After Tear Trough Filler?

Side effects may appear after dermal filler injections. Tyndall effect is one of dermal filler injections' most unwanted side effects. It occurs when the filler is injected too superficially under the skin, resulting in a bluish line that reflects light. The cause of the Tyndall effect is the crossed-linked hyaluronic acid, which appears on a surface, reflecting the light in a bluish color. The solution is simple.  

From the Expert: Hyaluronidase injections in the tear trough area can immediately remove the excess amount of dermal filler, saving the result of tear trough filler injections.

9. Who Is Not Suitable for Tear Trough Filler?

To ensure the best results, it's essential to consider certain factors before undergoing tear trough filler. For instance, individuals with insufficient bone structure under the eye hollow area or excessive volume loss due to aging may not be ideal candidates. Injections of Botox, microneedling Rf treatments, or biorevitalization might be better solutions for their tear trough.

10. Does Tear Trough Filler Look Natural?

When done correctly, tear trough filler can create a natural look that enhances your appearance. It's essential to use the right amount of filler at the proper depth and to ensure that only approved fillers are used in the tear trough area. 

Although the procedure produces a dramatic change, it can help you look and feel better. You can expect a noticeable improvement of around 80% in the tear trough area immediately after the procedure. Would you require an additional dermal filler syringe for the tear trough area to be cleared in two weeks.

From the ExpertOne tear through an area of your face may appear more pronounced than the other due to natural facial asymmetry and aging.



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Fillers fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

11. Can You Fix Tear Trough Without Filler?

Different treatment options are available for Tear Trough, including Microneedling RF, Botox, and dermal filler injections. A consultation and examination can help to create a personalized management plan for Tear Trough. The program will aim to reduce the appearance of Tear Trough by starting with Microneedling RF, followed by Botox or dermal filler as required.

12.  Does Trough Filler Hurt?

The injection of tear-trough filler is generally not painful, but some people may experience slight discomfort. There is no need for a topical anesthetic cream because the procedure typically only takes 15-30 minutes to complete. While the initial needle insertion may cause some discomfort, the movement of the cannula inside the tear-trough area is generally painless.

13. Are Tear Trough Fillers Expensive?

Tear trough filler cost is the same as dermal filler poisoned in any other face area, like fillers for cheeks, chin filler, or jawline filler. Dermal filler cost in Toronto varies from $750 to$1000 per syringe.

From the ExpertThe price of the dermal filler will be confirmed in your consultation.

 Dermal Filler



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Filler fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

14. Is Botox or Fillers Better for Under Eyes?

Botox is a helpful solution to relax the muscles around the eyes and the Full Face. It can also be used to raise the cheekbones and reduce hollows under the eyes. Botox is a primary step to minimize the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags, and sunken eyes. Also, it would help if you remember that Botox injections may clear up after two weeks. If your sunken eyes, eye bags, and hollow eyes are related to aging structural changes, dermal filler injections could be the fastest and best solution to look younger.

15. What Happens When You Stop Getting Under Eye Filler?

If you are premenopausal or menopausal, stopping fillers will cause the hollowness under your eyes to reappear within two years. Despite the filler still in the area, aging will not stop.

16. Are Fillers Safe for Under-Eye Bags?

Tear trough filler can be incredibly effective when applied correctly, providing a natural enhancement to your appearance. It's crucial to use:

  • The right amount of filler 
  • At the right depth
  • To use for tear trough area-approved fillers.

The main ingredient for dermal filler is hyaluronic acid, which attracts water. Since eye bags are prone to swelling, it's essential to ensure no drop of hyaluronic acid is positioned under the eye bag. 

For peri and menopausal clients who have under-eye bags, the first filler injection step is not to put the dermal filler under the eyes but to restore the face structure. It involves injecting dermal fillers in the cheek area, temple area, and some in the middle part of the face. These injections aim to restore the lost volume of fat and bones and reduce the amount of filler under the eyes as much as possible. Tear trough filler can be incredibly effective when applied correctly, providing a natural enhancement to your appearance.

17. How Often Do You Need to Touch Up a Tear Trough Filler?

The effects of the filler can last for a year and a half to two years, and it usually has better longevity when used under the eyes due to the area being less mobile compared to other parts of the face. Unfortunately, aging is a permanent process that affects all structures, including deep and superficial fat layers, bones, and ligaments. As aging progresses, a touch-up on tear trough filler may be needed if the filler is still in the tear trough area.

18. Why Does My Tear Trough Filler Look Weird?

When getting tear trough filler procedures, the product needs to be placed over the bone. If not done correctly, the filler can create an unnatural appearance and cause issues like blue discoloration of the skin, the Tyndall effect, or swelling. 

There are three reasons why tear trough fillers may look weird: 

  1. Using too much filler
  2. Placing dermal filler too superficially
  3. Using the filler, which isn't approved for tear trough injections.

If the esthetic injector fails to follow these three rules, the dermal filler may appear on the surface, causing swelling and "sausages" several months or years after treatment.

19. Can Botox Help Under Eye Hollows?

Botox is a treatment that smooths out wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing the muscles where it is injected. Full-face Botox can also improve the appearance of the cheeks and under-eye area. This treatment can make the cheekbones look fuller without needing tear trough dermal filler injections. Botox is a safe and effective way to enhance your appearance.

20. How Long Does Under Eye Filler Take to Settle?

2 weeks
After undergoing an under eye filler treatment, you will notice a significant change in your appearance. The tear trough treatment reduces hollow under eyes, wrinkles, and fine lines by 70%-90%. Additionally, dark circles under the eyes can show improvement of 70%-95% following the injections.
However, it's important to note that the results will only be visible after two weeks. It may take up to 2 weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside, at which point you can see how the filler has settled. Giving your body this recovery time is advisable before evaluating the final outcome.

21. Do tear trough fillers make you look younger?

Sunken eyes, dark circles, and bags under the eyes are often caused by aging. As you age, your bones, fat, ligaments, and skin change position and density, leading to a loss of support for your tear trough area.

To combat these effects of aging, tea trough filler injections can be used as an anti-aging treatment. You can achieve a more youthful appearance with a minimal amount of dermal filler injected at the proper depth. These injections add volume to the under-eye area, reducing sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.




This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Filler fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

Restoring Your Beauty, and Bringing Back Confidence into Your Life

At MedVSPA, a medical advanced aesthetician or R.N. spends quality time listening to your concerns. They assess your face and body and investigate where your aging signs are coming from. They will help you understand how your aging process can be improved and create a care plan specific to your aging type!

Share with us your 3 most important goals, and we will assist you in achieving a more youthful appearance in less than two hours with the help of Microneedling, Botox, or Dermal Fillers.

Our team of licensed estheticians and registered nurses are experts in skin aging, anatomy, and physiology. We will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your aging signs.

Discover the Benefits of Looking Younger

Do you remember a time when your skin was tight and smooth, free from jowls, big pores, scars, and wrinkles? If you're experiencing any of these skin issues, we can help you find solutions to improve your skin's health and appearance.

You don't have to accept it as your “new normal”. MedVSPA Toronto cosmetic clinic is here for you to help you get from “non-avoidable aging” to “the best version of myself”.

Whether you're experiencing hooded eyelids, pigmentation, or signs of aging such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or cellulite, or you are simply a woman wondering how to address these concerns, MedVSPA can help.

What Does MedVSPA Clinical Esthetician Do?

A MedVSPA clinical esthetician has the knowledge and experience to assess, treat, educate, and prescribe home care to achieve the maximum result with the minimum treatments possible. 

An assessment starts with evaluating your aging type, with questions about your aging concerns, health-related history, and menstrual or menopausal history. A physical assessment involves looking at your tissue (skin, problems, skin discoloration, big pores, skin tone) and structural aging (hooded eyelids, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, glabella lines) as well as your home care assessment. The total assessment includes the history of your previous beauty treatments:

  • Which made you look younger?
  • How soon you saw the result?
  • How long the effect lasted?

Then from the assessment, your clinical esthetician will determine a plan on how to address your concerns. This may include microneedling and mesotherapy in one treatment, individual home care to make you look younger than your age, and a maintenance treatment plan. Your clinical esthetician will write the individual treatment plan for each visit to reach your goal of looking younger and more confident. 

Clinical esthetician performs microneedling




This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Filler fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

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FAQ About Tear Trough Filler

1.How Much Does Eye Bag Filler Cost?

Eye bags can result from aging or be a particular feature of one's facial structure. Regardless of the cause, correcting eye bags requires at least two syringes of hyaluronic acid dermal filler with varying densities. An aesthetic nurse injects the first syringe deeply to smooth out the skin's surface. In contrast, the second syringe, which has the lowest density, is injected superficially in a small amount to blend the edges between facial structures.

2.What Is the Best Filler for Eye Trough?

Juvederm Volbella Many cosmetic experts think that approved by Health Canada for under-eye injections, hyaluronic acid dermal filler Volbella is the only injectable facial filler that can be used safely and successfully in the tear trough area.

3.How Much Does Tear Trough Filler Cost in Toronto?

Tear trough fillers cost between $750 and $1500. Please book a consultation to clarify whether you are a good candidate for tear trough filler, get information about technologies that can help handle sunken eyes, eybags, and wrinkles, and get an accurate estimate. We cater to women in Toronto and offer a range of under eye treatments, including Microneedling RF, Botox, and dermal filler injections.

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