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Can Jawline be more defined?

A loss of jowls elasticity can impact anyone, regardless of how healthy their diet is or how much they exercise.

Sagging jowls are a common concern for many of us as we age.

This does not mean that it simply has to be lived with. There is a range of options for treating sagging jowls. I am covering a full spectrum from injections of fillers and Botox to various laser and non-laser contemporary treatments. Some of these options might be yours.


 Jowls describe the skin below the chin and jawline. It appears with age and shows as sagging skin.

This loose skin has lost elasticity and definition.

Jowls are not harmful to themselves, but their appearance can be distressing and impact confidence. 

Every one is liable to getting jowls as they age. Some are lucky and see them later than others. For example, representatives of Tired aging or reformative see them in at early 40th. I am explaining why in my book “ Timeless Beauty”.


You are familiar with such a factor as changing the collagen level. However, it is not the only one and not the major one for losing the jawline definition.

Let’s start assessing your face for the risk of jowls.

Touch your jbone. Is it long enough to hold the skin which is dropping down? If not, you will probably have jowls with age due to aging bone changes. 


Cadaver courses for dermatologists give injectors an understanding of the anatomy of muscles, which are transforming through age. M. Platysma covers the neck and attaches to other facial muscles on the middle and lower1/3 of the face. It comes to a hyper tone with age and pulls the skin down. As a result, jowls appear.

As I mentioned in my “Timeless book’, some people accumulate fluids in the lower 1/3 of the face. Medically we call it the deficit of the lymphatic drainage.

If you gain weight with age, fat will accumulate under the jawline, called a double chin. Fat holds fluid. It means that the double chin and jowls are the area of the mix of fat and liquid.


The fastest way to get rid of jowls is to inject hyaluronic acid fillers. It is called Juvederm Volux, and this is the only one approved for jawline restoration.

Volux has a higher elastic modulus and higher cohesivity. Hyaluronic acid filler Volux provides volumizing for the chin and jawline right away. You can see sculpting, contouring, and shaping across the injected areas. 

This study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of Volux for restoring and creating facial volume in the chin and jaw area of subjects with chin retrusion.

Clinical trials were done in 3 European countries. The most exciting factor is, that nobody was back for additional filler injections within eighteen month. It means that this Juveederm Volux hyaluronic acid filler lasts longer than any other on the market.



We considered injections of Juvederm Volux above. However, some people are not eager to do injections. Therefore, I will explain you, based on the reason why your jowls appear, how to get rid of jowls.


 If you are not gaining weight and see cords on your neck when you are talking, the reason for your jowls is the hyper tone of m. Platysma ( from neck to the lower/ middle 1/3 of the face.)

We relax the muscle with Botox injections. It will cost you about $200 to lift lip corners, rest your chin and remove jowls. The technique is called Nefertiti Lift.


The jawline can show right away after the treatment if the reason for your jowls is a face swelling. Suppose you are representing the “Tired” aging type, and people sometimes “complimet” you that you “look tired.” In that case, you will quickly get rid of face swelling with our most Nobbled procedure Lymphatic Drainage treatment StarFace.


If you have fat under the jawline, Medvspa offers you a Double Chin removal treatment. We have lots of testimonials about fat removal and double chin improvement on a Groupon page

MedVSpa double chin removal treatment combines two technologies: Radio Frequency combined with Electroporation. With infusion electroporation, fat removal substances, called lipolytic, are delivered into your skin. They boost the fat removal process. Reaction RF works for fat removal, skin tightening, and lymphatic drainage at the same time. 

How does it work is shown here- the Medvspa Double Chin treatment on Youtube.

MedVSpa high professional team members perform the treatment based on lymphatic drainage anatomy. The combination of RF fat removal and skin tightening, Electroporation Lipolytic, and vacuum show an immediate result of fat removal and jawline definition.


If you do not have fat under the jaw, just sagging skin, Fractional RF micro needling Scarlet treatment is the best option.

Fractional RF is the newest generation of technology, approved by FDA for skin tightening.

MedVSPA developed a “Signature protocol” for neck and jowls skin tightening with Scarlet. In addition to Radio Frequency, we use the micro needling to deliver deep into the skin solutions approved in Europe for Mesotherapy injections. For example, if the skin is highly dehydrated, Hyaluronic acid helps to moisturize the skin. If a lot of wrinkles cover the skin, we use DMAE solution. Sun-damaged skin will get 20% Vit C under the needles. Depending on your skin needs, your treatment protocol will be customized each time to restore the jawline and remove neck wrinkles.

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