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Restore Youthful Volume and Smooth Out Wrinkles!

What Is Dermal Filler?

Want to improve your appearance without surgery? Dermal fillers can help. These injectables use hyaluronic acid to add volume and smooth out wrinkles. They can enhance lips, cheeks, and chin or contour the face. The procedure involves injecting Filler into the skin with a needle or cannula, and results are usually immediate. Over time, the effects can improve even more.

Dermal Filler

Tear Trough Filler

Tear trough filler is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves injecting dermal fillers into the area under the eyes, known as the tear trough. The procedure is designed to minimize the appearance of dark circles, eye bags, and sunken eyes, which can significantly impact a person's self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Chin Filler

Chin filler, like lip or cheek filler is becoming popular in Toronto. Chin filler adds dimension, depth, and proportion to your face, especially when combined with jawline filler.

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Jawline Filler

Jawline filler is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting dermal fillers into the jawline area to enhance jawline shape and definition. Jawline filler creates a more defined and sculpted jawline, improves sagging skin, and removes double chin and jowls.

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This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Microneedling, Botox, or Dermal Filler fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging.

The Ultimate Guide to Dermal Filler

Get Rid of Saggy Skin, Face Wrinkles, and Fine Lines with Fillers at MedVSPA

1. What Is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal filler is an FDA and Health Canada-approved medical-grade implant that can help create a smoother and fuller facial appearance. Popular types include:

  1. Tear trough filler 
  2. Chin filler
  3. Jawline filler
  4. Lip filler

 The most well-known brands are Juvederm and Restylane, with Juvederm Volux being the most extended 24 months lasting option.

2. What Does Dermal Filler Do?

Do you ever feel like your face looks a little less full than it used to? Well, you're not alone! As we age, we can lose volume in our faces due to changes in fat and bone levels. But don't worry; there's a solution! Dermal fillers are a great way to restore that lost volume and create a smoother, more youthful appearance. It's essential to keep in mind that plastic surgery alone may not achieve the results you're looking for, so dermal filler injections can be a great addition to your beauty routine.

Dermal fillers are substances injected under the skin to create a smoother and fuller appearance to look younger.

3. Are Dermal Fillers Worth it?

If you want to look younger but natural and are not considering plastic surgery, consider a facial filler treatment. Dermal filler can:

  •  Rejuvenate your skin 
  •  Enhance the shape and fullness of cheekbones and chin.
  •  Reshape jawline

Dermal filler treatments reduce face wrinkles, fade fine lines, restore lost volume, and rehydrate deep skin layers.

Dermal filler injection

4. How Much is Dermal Filler?

The cost of dermal fillers in Toronto usually ranges from $600 to $1,000 per syringe. Experienced injectors recommend one syringe for tear trough or lip filler, but most require two to three syringes for a more youthful look. Popular brands like Restylane® and Juvéderm® cost between $700-$900 per syringe, with thicker versions like Juvéderm® Voluma for volume replacement priced at $800-$1000. The most expensive among all  Juvederms is Juvederm  Volux, called Cheen filler, or chin implant. The chin filler lasts 2 years, the most extensive longevity among all dermal fillers in the world. The type of filler used is determined by the severity of the condition and the treatment area.

5. What Happens When You Stop Using Dermal Fillers?

Although the fillers can make the treated area look better and younger, their effects wear off after some months or years. However, it's important to note that your face will still undergo age-related changes such as volume loss, the appearance of face wrinkles, fine lines, and creepy skin. When the benefits of Botox and fillers eventually fade, you will likely notice that the lines and volume loss will return.

6. What Are the Disadvantages of Dermal Filler?

After receiving dermal filler injections, you may experience bruises, swelling, and lines where the cannula was inserted. Pain and tenderness in the affected areas may also be present for a few days, but these symptoms will disappear without additional treatment. However, more serious side effects may occur and require medical attention, such as an allergic reaction, infection, general adverse reaction, or injection into a vessel. These complications can be treated with anti-allergic medications, antibiotics, steroids, or Hyaluronidase injections, but it is important to report any adverse effects immediately for prompt resolution.

7. What Age Should You Get Tear Trough Filler?

If you're looking to correct the signs of structural aging or cover up some structural imperfections you may have been born with, tear trough filler can help. However, if you have hollow eyes, dark circles, or eye bags, it's recommended that you check Microneedling RF or Botox options first before getting tear through filler. If you aim to camouflage eye bags that you were born with or correct under eye hollow areas, it's best to get it done in your early twenties.

8. Do Eyes Look Worse After Tear Trough Filler?

Side effects may appear after dermal filler injections. Tyndall effect is one of dermal filler injections' most unwanted side effects. It occurs when the filler is injected too superficially under the skin, resulting in a bluish line that reflects light. The cause of the Tyndall effect is the crossed-linked hyaluronic acid, which appears on a surface, reflecting the light in a bluish color. The solution is simple.  

From the Expert: Hyaluronidase injections in the tear trough area can immediately remove the excess amount of dermal filler, saving the result of tear trough filler injections.

9. Who Is Not Suitable for Tear Trough Filler?

To ensure the best results, it's essential to consider certain factors before undergoing tear trough filler. For instance, individuals with insufficient bone structure under the eye hollow area or excessive volume loss due to aging may not be ideal candidates. Injections of Botox, microneedling Rf treatments, or biorevitalization might be better solutions for their tear trough.

10. Does Tear Trough Filler Look Natural?

When done correctly, tear trough filler can create a natural look that enhances your appearance. It's essential to use the right amount of filler at the proper depth and to ensure that only approved fillers are used in the tear trough area. 

Although the procedure produces a dramatic change, it can help you look and feel better. You can expect a noticeable improvement of around 80% in the tear trough area immediately after the procedure. Would you require an additional dermal filler syringe for the tear trough area to be cleared in two weeks.

From the ExpertOne tear through an area of your face may appear more pronounced than the other due to natural facial asymmetry and aging.



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Fillers fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

11. Do Fillers Make You Look Older Over Time?

In the past, people believed that excessive use of dermal filler could lead to facial distortion, an unbalanced appearance, and even make one look older than they are. However, today the concern is not the number of syringes used but the specific areas they are injected. It is important to be cautious about receiving dermal filler injections in the middle of your face, such as the middle cheekbones, under eyes, and lips. These areas are typically associated with the youthful features of those in their twenties and thirties. Injecting dermal fillers, especially with needles, in these central areas may create an unnatural appearance and make you look older than your actual age. MedVSPA has been using a Full-Face or Lateral Face Lift technique since 2018 to avoid these issues. This dermal filler injection technique achieves a natural look using fewer fillers in areas closer to the hair and ears.

12. What Happens if You Get Filler for Years?

When considering getting dermal fillers, weighing the pros and cons is essential. On the positive side, fillers can effectively reduce the appearance of aging signs, mainly when used to restore the curved shape of cheekbones and provide support for facial ligaments. Another benefit is the effect chin fillers can have on creating a more balanced facial appearance and avoiding the development of jowls.

Overall, dermal fillers offer a way to look younger and prevent the signs of aging. However, there are also some potential downsides to consider. One important factor is that fillers do not disappear quickly - even after several years, they may still be visible on an ultrasound scan of the face. This is something to remember if you are considering additional filler injections, such as lip filler.

13. Can Anything Go Wrong with Fillers?

When you undergo a cosmetic treatment that involves injections, there is a possibility of experiencing side effects or complications, just like any invasive procedure. The majority of adverse events are avoidable. After dermal filler injections, these side effects may include redness, bruising, bleeding, or swelling. The cosmetic injector uses sharp needles to deliver dermal filler or create an entry point for the injection with the cannula. The cannula is known to result in fewer complications than needles. Despite this, you may still experience bruises, swelling, and asymmetry in some areas due to trauma and swelling during the filler injections or even within two weeks after dermal filler treatment.

More serious complications, such as allergic reactions, inflammation, or intravascular events, are also possible. Still, they can be reduced or prevented by careful patient selection, using the right products, employing aseptic techniques, and having insightful knowledge of facial anatomy.

The patient must also stay in contact with the esthetic injector for a few days after the dermal filler injections to identify any early signs of vascular compromise.
Fortunately, the majority of adverse events are rare and avoidable. An experienced esthetic injector, like a skilled surgeon, is aware of the early signs of serious side effects and knows how to treat them.

 Dermal Filler



This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Filler fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

14. How Long Does it Take for Face Fillers to Look Good?

You will notice an immediate 30% improvement from injections like tear trough filler, chin filler, jawline filler, or lip filler. However, swelling, bruises, unevenness, and redness may occur. They typically disappear within two weeks after the treatment. After this time, you will see the full results of the dermal filler injections. For chin filler like Juvederm Volux, it may take up to a month to see the full effect.

15. Which Facial Fillers Last the Longest?

Did you know that Juvederm has a line of long-lasting dermal fillers? JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA®, JUVÉDERM® VOLIFT®, and JUVÉDERM® VOLUX® can last around two years due to their VYCROSS® TECHNOLOGY, making them the longest-lasting hyaluronic acid fillers on the market. There are six different products in the Vycross Juvederm dermal filler line, each designed for a specific area. Juvederm Voluma is the most commonly injected filler by specialists worldwide. At the same time, Juvederm Volux is the only approved filler for improving lost definition in the jawline and lasts for a minimum of 2 years.

16. Do Wrinkles Come Back Worse After Fillers?

There is a common misconception that dermal fillers can actually worsen wrinkles, but this is false. Dermal fillers come in the form of injections and serve different purposes. For instance, Juvederm Voluma can replenish lost volume, while Juvederm Volux can enhance the jawline and act as a chin implant for aging skin. Juvederm Volite is a type of dermal filler specifically targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on the type of filler, its effects can last anywhere from one to two years.

17. Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Fillers?

If you have a history of severe allergies, it may not be the best idea to opt for certain types of injectable dermal fillers. We understand that this can be challenging, and your safety is of utmost importance to us. Additionally, dermal fillers are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Individuals with unrealistic expectations may not achieve the desired results, which can be disappointing. MedVSPA aims to help you achieve a natural, refined look that complements your features. Please keep in mind that one tablespoon of dermal filler is equivalent to five syringes, so it's essential to consult with a professional to determine the appropriate number of syringes needed to achieve your desired outcome.

18. How Do I Take Care of My Face After Fillers?

IMMEDIATE aftercare – What to do at home:
At MedVSPA, we understand that nobody wants to experience pain or discomfort after dermal filler injections. Our goal is to ensure that our clients do not have to deal with bruises or swelling on their faces after the procedure. To achieve this, we recommend using a cool compress on the treatment area (avoiding direct contact with ice) for 10 minutes, a couple of times on the day of the treatment. We suggest using Arnica Gel or pills to reduce swelling and discomfort associated with swelling. It is essential to avoid heat-inducing activities like strenuous exercise, spas, saunas, and hot showers for 24 hours after the treatment, as they can trigger swelling and infection. Additionally, we advise against microneedling, RF microneedling, or laser treatments for two weeks after the filler injections.
If you need to cover bruises, please apply the makeup three hours after dermal filler injections.

19. Do Fillers Lift the Face?

Yes, dermal fillers can lift the face by replenishing lost volume and strengthening ligaments. At MedVSPA, we use either the Full Face dermal filler injection technique or the Lateral Face Lift technique to achieve a natural and youthful appearance. We have been providing these injections since 2018 and have found them to be highly effective in lifting the face. Our goal is to help you achieve a natural look and feel younger by enhancing the lifting effect of your facial structure.

20. What Is Safer, Botox or Fillers?

If administered by an experienced and qualified practitioner, dermal fillers and Botox are safe. Botox has been used for many years to reduce muscle-depressor activity, which can help you look younger. Dermal fillers can replace lost volume, such as in the cheeks or chin, and remove darkness and hollowness under the eyes - commonly known as tear through fillers. Additionally, dermal fillers can enhance the beauty of lips, which is referred to as lip fillers. These treatments are prescription-only medicines certified for medical and cosmetic use. In Canada, only college specialists,  like doctors or nurses, who are registered and certified can administer Botox and dermal fillers.

21. What Is the Best Filler for Your Face in Toronto?

Juvederm Voluma is a popular filler used globally and is available in Toronto. Juvederm Volux is the only filler used specifically for jawline and chin enhancement. Among the Juvederm Vycross fillers, there are three lip fillers: Juvederm Volift for lip shaping and enhancement, Juvederm Volbella for an expensive lip gloss look, and Juvederm Volite for invisible shape and color enhancement for those who are hesitant about lip injections. Your nurse injector can help you determine which filler is best for your face, but all Juvederm dermal fillers are available in Toronto.

22. What is SkinVive?

SkinViVe by Juvederm is a type of pre-filler that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while deeply hydrating the skin. It belongs to the hyaluronic acid dermal filler group, but it doesn't contain BDDE which can cause side effects.  Read more ...




This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Filler fit you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

Restoring Your Beauty, and Bringing Back Confidence into Your Life

At MedVSPA, a medical advanced aesthetician or R.N. spends quality time listening to your concerns. They assess your face and body and investigate where your aging signs are coming from. They will help you understand how your aging process can be improved and create a care plan specific to your aging type!

Share with us your 3 most important goals, and we will assist you in achieving a more youthful appearance in less than two hours with the help of Microneedling, Botox, or Dermal Fillers.

Our team of licensed estheticians and registered nurses are experts in skin aging, anatomy, and physiology. We will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your aging signs.

Discover the Benefits of Looking Younger

Do you remember a time when your skin was tight and smooth, free from jowls, big pores, scars, and wrinkles? If you're experiencing any of these skin issues, we can help you find solutions to improve your skin's health and appearance.

You don't have to accept it as your “new normal”. MedVSPA Toronto cosmetic clinic is here for you to help you get from “non-avoidable aging” to “the best version of myself”.

Whether you're experiencing hooded eyelids, pigmentation, or signs of aging such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or cellulite, or you are simply a woman wondering how to address these concerns, MedVSPA can help.

What Does MedVSPA Clinical Esthetician Do?

A MedVSPA clinical esthetician has the knowledge and experience to assess, treat, educate, and prescribe home care to achieve the maximum result with the minimum treatments possible. 

An assessment starts with evaluating your aging type, with questions about your aging concerns, health-related history, and menstrual or menopausal history. A physical assessment involves looking at your tissue (skin, problems, skin discoloration, big pores, skin tone) and structural aging (hooded eyelids, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, glabella lines) as well as your home care assessment. The total assessment includes the history of your previous beauty treatments:

  • Which made you look younger?
  • How soon you saw the result?
  • How long the effect lasted?

Then from the assessment, your clinical esthetician will determine a plan on how to address your concerns. This may include microneedling and mesotherapy in one treatment, individual home care to make you look younger than your age, and a maintenance treatment plan. Your clinical esthetician will write the individual treatment plan for each visit to reach your goal of looking younger and more confident. 

Clinical esthetician performs microneedling




This appointment is your opportunity to tell us about your “natural signs of aging” concerns and discover whether Dermal Filler fits you well! During the consultation, you will talk with a cosmetic nurse or clinical esthetician and create the right care plan, especially for your signs of aging. 

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The most effective treatment to replace volume is filler injections. Regional fillers were developed to replace the volume which we're losing because of the

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Our team are registered nurses and licensed estheticians who are experts in skin aging, anatomy, and physiology. They will create a personalized treatment plan to address the underlying causes of your aging signs.

FAQ About Dermal Filler

1.Why Do Fillers Look so Bad?

Using fillers for cosmetic purposes can sometimes result in an unnatural appearance. This can occur if the technique could be better or if an excessive amount of the wrong product is used. For example, if menopausal women receive a couple of syringes in the middle of their face using needles, they may appear older than their actual age due to poor technique. Fullness in the middle face, big lips, and high cheekbones are typically associated with younger women but not with a woman over the age of 50. Moreover, the choice of filler based on its density can also affect the outcome. Certain fillers have a thicker consistency, which may lead to an artificial look when used in certain face areas. Some lip fillers are suitable for twenty to thirty-year-olds, whereas dermal fillers of different densities are more appropriate for ladies at an elegant age. Choosing the proper dermal filler is essential based on each individual's unique needs and desired outcomes.

2.What is the Difference Between Botox and Dermal Fillers?

If you're looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, both Botox and dermal fillers are popular cosmetic treatments to consider. Botox works by relaxing the muscles, called depressors, and can lift the face and reduce the depth of wrinkles, including fine lines. Its effects typically last for around four to six months. Meanwhile, dermal fillers can be used to replace lost facial volume, lift the skin, and minimize fine lines. Most dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic acid and can last nine months to two years. However, it's worth noting that dermal fillers tend to be more expensive than Botox.

3.Is 1ml Filler Noticeable?

There is a common misconception that using 1 ml of dermal filler will dramatically change appearance. However, it's important to note that one tablespoon is equivalent to five syringes of dermal filler. Therefore, 1 ml of dermal filler only provides a subtle enhancement, such as lip enhancement or tear trough replacement, to address dark circles or hollowness under the eyes.

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