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How long do fillers last?

Fillers create lifting and give volume to your facial appearance. Fillers work for one or two years. 

Juvederm Voluma and Vollift last up to 2 years, the majority of others one year.

The number of syringes does not affect longevity. The number of filler syringes gives the result you want.

How much dermal filler do I need if I am under 45?

If you are under 45 and want to underline your features like cheekbones or get rid of tear troughs, you need 1-3 syringes.

How many dermal fillers would I need if I am over 45?

If you pull your skin towards the ears to look better, you need lifting. Usually, it happens when you are over 45.

To look natural and five years younger, you need more than three syringes. 

The goal for your treatment is FACE LIFTING!

Old fashioned technic is to take one or two syringes, inject them in one or two places, lift cheekbones, and ... you will look like an old lady with high cheekbones. It seems like somebody pretends to have this young feature on a gravity affected face. Not a good look.

In 2020 trends changed. The goal now is to create a natural facelifted and then slightly underline your facial features. You will hear compliments like, “You look young and rested.” Instead of “Oh, she’s had definetly work done.” 

How much is in one- two- three syringes?

Start from the point that one tablespoon capacity is five syringes of fillers.

We have to divide this amount for the left and right sides, correct?

It means that half of a tablespoon will get left and half right.

 For 40+ it will be three syringes; for 55+, four. I

t is less than a half of a tablespoon for the side of the face.

I have clients after 55 for whom two syringes work perfectly, but they receive skin tightening and lymphatic drainage facials regularly.

Trends of 2020 filler injections.

Before 2020 we refilled fat compartments where all of us are losing fat as the result of aging. In 2020 we work on the ligaments as well. 

Ligaments support your fat cases. We make them stronger and help them keep your fat in a proper space. You looked natural, five years younger, and rested. Nothing artificial.

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How much filler does each area of the face need for your underlying features?

During the treatment, you will see lifting! Not crazy cheekbones, just lifting. The result will be increasing within two weeks by an additional 30%.

Cheekbones just for lifting, not for the artificial look, requires 0.3cc from each side.

Temple area 0,2. It is essential to refill it for lifting purposes.

 The area near the ear needs from 0,3 cc to 1cc from each side.

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How much filler does each area of the face need for your underlying features?

In 2 weeks – 2 month period, we will do your central part of the face correction.

The chin and jaws will need 1-2 cc. Adding filler to your chin will define your jawline and improve your profile. You will see a big difference in the pictures!

Tear troughs improved from 50% to 100% after refilling temples and cheekbones, but it could need 0,15- 0,5 cc for each side. This will also improve the dark circles around your eyes.

If you still need the nasolabial fold to be removed (80% do not see the nasolabial fold after the lateral lifting), it will require 0,25-0,5 cc from each side.

One syringe is enough for lips and marionette lines at any age.

Now you understand that if you want to look natural, you need lifting. The lifting starts with at least three syringes.  

Remember, that one syringe will be not visible, and two will barely give you a natural look, just artificially prominent cheekbones.

More information in chapter 9 of the book “THE SECRET TO LOOKING LIKE YOU. The Latest European Injection Techniques from a Belarusian Dermatologist.” 

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