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Relieve Stress and Boost Immunity with Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Toronto

Our Vacuum Therapy, also known as Lymphatic Drainage Massage, is a treatment performed by a medical esthetician using the lymphatic drainage system Starvac. During this therapy, we use different vacuum cups to target other areas of the body in line with the natural flow and drainage of the lymphatic system. Starvac suctioning is similar to cupping, but advanced technologies help release the superficial fascia and promote lymph and external circulation and deep structures to remove body swelling. By releasing the superficial fascia, we can effectively enhance lymphatic circulation since a significant part of the lymphatic system resides beneath the skin and within the superficial fascia layer.

Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work?

Vacuum therapy lymphatic drainage massage offers a range of additional advantages. Firstly, it aids in stimulating collagen production, which is essential for maintaining firm and youthful-looking skin. Additionally, while it may not eliminate cellulite, vacuum therapy effectively reduces its visibility, leading to a smoother skin appearance. Moreover, this therapy promotes increased blood circulation to the skin, which delivers a rich supply of nourishing nutrients to the deeper layers known as the dermis. Consequently, the overall health of the skin is significantly enhanced.

Does Vacuum Therapy Hurt?

Vacuum Therapy can cause discomfort, but it largely depends on your sensitivity. To ensure your comfort, we begin by applying the lowest suction to gauge your level of sensitivity. The amount of suction used during the treatment will be tailored to your sensitivity level and the specific area being treated.

Will it Leave Marks on My Skin?

Are you inquiring about potential skin marks? Occasionally, vacuum therapy may leave behind reddish marks resembling those from cupping, especially if your body is swollen or you feel bloated. These marks mean that body swelling affects your blood flow in the treated area, and the blood flow- microcirculation needs to be improved. Additionally, if you are prone to bruising, vacuum therapy might cause bruises. Bruises mean that your capillaries are fragile. Lymphatic drainage helps you improve your microcirculation and makes your capillaries stronger. However, both marks will eventually fade away. If you prefer to avoid temporary redness and possible bruising, medical estheticians adjust the vacuum level to prevent bruises.

Is Vacuum Therapy Safe for Everyone?

Vacuum therapy, while beneficial for many, may not be suitable for everyone due to specific contraindications. These contraindications are akin to those observed in Brazilian Lymphatic Massage and include conditions such as active cancers, congestive heart failure, cardiac insufficiency, renal (kidney) failure, active infection, active blood clots, removal of multiple lymph nodes, and Crohn's Disease. It is essential to consider these contraindications before opting for lymphatic drainage vacuum therapy.

Will I See Results After Just One Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage Vacuum therapy aids in lymphatic drainage, reducing congestion beneath the skin. The positive effects of this treatment can be noticed and felt after a single lymph drainage session. However, to witness improvements in skin elasticity and cellulite reduction, it is necessary to undergo regular treatments with a gap of approximately two to three days for the first two weeks and weekly afterward.
Vacuum Therapy stimulates collagen production, which takes about 4-6 weeks to grow and mature. Over time, collagen naturally weakens and breaks down, necessitating ongoing maintenance treatments.
Our lymphatic drainage Vacuum Therapy treatment is comprehensive, covering the entire body, and is administered by a certified medical esthetician, ensuring that you receive customized lymphatic drainage treatment following the long-lasting result.

Start This Year With a Lymphatic Drainage Massage!

Experience the rejuvenating power of a European-style Lymphatic Drainage Massage with the French lymphatic drainage system Starvac. Our team of expert practitioners, including certified medical estheticians, are ready to assist you in restoring your body from the challenges of winter and starting anew this season.

Lymph drainage massage has gained popularity due to its potential health benefits. This specialized technique focuses on the lymphatic system, an integral part of the immune system. By promoting proper blood circulation, fluid balance, and immune function, this massage aims to support the body's overall well-being. One of the key advantages of Lymphatic Drainage Massage is its ability to eliminate the body's natural waste. Additionally, it assists in boosting the immune system by facilitating toxin removal. Furthermore, lymphatic drainage massage reduces water retention, bloating, and puffiness by eliminating excess fluid stored in the tissues. This style of massage is highly beneficial for our health and bodies, offering numerous advantages, such as:

1. Boosting the immune system by aiding in the removal of toxins
2. Reducing water retention, bloating, and puffiness by eliminating excess fluid
3. Diminishing the appearance of cellulite by supporting the lymphatic system's fat absorption and processing functions
4. Enhancing skin tone through the reduction of fluid retention and fat deposits
5. Slimming the body as fluids are efficiently eliminated, and fat is processed
6. Improving digestion by supporting the proper functioning of the small intestine
7. Providing a sense of relaxation with gentle and nurturing lymphatic drainage Starvac movements.

Begin this spring feeling decongested, detoxified, and relaxed with our Lymphatic Drainage Massage. We warmly invite you to visit our medical SPA in Toronto.

Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Hurt?

It doesn't hurt, but some body parts, such as inner thighs, knees, or arms, may be more sensitive. Throughout the lymphatic drainage treatment, medium pressure is applied. Still, a medical esthetician will check with you to ensure the pressure and vacuum are comfortable and effective in achieving the desired results.

How Long Do the Effects of Lymphatic Drainage Massage Last?

The lymphatic drainage treatment results typically last 2-3 weeks, but this may vary based on your lifestyle. Your body continues to flush out toxins for up to 72 hours after the treatment. Most clients notice a leaner appearance the day after or a few days after the treatment.

From the Expert: The Starvac lymphatic drainage clinical trials are based on 15 treatments. At medVSpa, we start with 15 treatments to improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate collagen production, and reduce cellulite. After the initial lymphatic drainage treatment program, you can continue with a membership program tailored to your body's needs. You can opt to come in once, twice, or four times per month, depending on your body's response.

How Can I Optimize the Results After Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

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Frequently Asked Questions


1.How Do I Know the Lymphatic Massage It's Working?

After four treatments, you'll see less cellulite, tighter skin, and reduced skin dryness. With ten years of lymphatic drainage experience, people lose up to two sizes. You'll also sleep better, need less food, and feel five times more energetic.

2.Will I Lose Weight After a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

After lymphatic drainage massage treatment, an average of 2 to 8 pounds of fluid is lost.

3.How Do I Know if My Lymphatic System Is Clogged?

Specific symptoms may indicate that you require a lymphatic drainage massage. These symptoms include swelling of a part or the entire arm or leg, including fingers or toes, heaviness or tightness, limited range of motion, recurring infections, bloated stomach, and cellulite.

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