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1.Q:At what age is it recommended to start facelift treatment?

A:Face lift is recommended after ones estrogen level drops and collagen production decreases. 28 years is the margin of when it happens. Other indications, like sagging skin or wrinkles can be a cause to start the treatment earlier.

2.Q:What is microdermabraison?

A:The removal of the upper skin layer is the main function of Microdermabrasion. Diamond tips are used for micro. When the upper layer is removed, new cells start growing faster. The skin is lighter and glowing after microdermabrasion.

3.Q:What benefits does hyaluronic acid provide for the skin?

A:Hyaluronic acid(HA) increases skin hydration. Each molecule is able to hold up to 1000 molecule of water. Cross linked HA is commonly known as a filler.

4.Q:What is RF skin tightening?

A:RF skin tightening works for skin plumping and wrinkle removal. RF stimulates collagen growth deep in the skin and makes upper level appear intact. It works for all skin types.

5.Q:How do you know which facelifting treatment is best for my skin?

A:The best treatment should give the result immediatelly. Your concerns and type of aging will be elaborated during the consultation. The best treatmeent should be addressing the majority of your concerns.