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If you gain weight during the lockdown and want to achieve your weight loss goals, it's worth investigating whether there may be an essential issue that's holding you back. 

The lymphatic massage can help with weight loss and general health.

A healthy and efficient lymphatic system is key to your body detoxing itself and keeping a healthy weight. The lymphatic system is not only responsible for body weight but also is an essential part of the immune system. It helps get rid of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials, including infections, bacteria, and even cancerous cells.

The network of thin tubes called lymph vessels and lymph nodes (or glands) run throughout the body, eliminating the body's waste products. The Lymph system also works as a circulatory system, but the lymphatic system has no pumping mechanism. It relies on regular movement and deep breathing to help the flow of lymph fluid. 


How do I know if I need lymphatic drainage?

The slow lymphatic system should be blamed if you're feeling tired, retaining extra weight, having problems sleeping, getting frequent infections, suffering from bloating and puffiness, and experiencing hormonal imbalances.

One solution can help a lymphatic drainage treatment, known as a lymphatic massage.

A lymphatic drainage treatment forces the lymph flowing, helps the body get rid of excess weight and boosts the immune system.


What is Starvac massage?

Starvac, lymphatic drainage treatment pushes the body's lymphatic system's natural movement, encouraging the lymph fluid to flow freely around the body and through the lymph nodes. The pressure helps boost lymph fluid circulation, which stimulates the disposal of wastes and toxins. The treatment decreases any swelling and improves cellulite appearance. Lymphatic drainage Starvac also improves circulation, relaxes the body, and combats localized fat. 

Does lymphatic drainage really work?

After 15 treatments, 97,3% of clients report a slimmer waist, and 100% say about losing excess water weight. Lymphatic drainage treatment results in a better sense of well-being and a good weight loss path. Many people find that lymphatic drainage treatment gives more energy and better sleep.

Starve lymphatic drainage is the first step to support well-rounded health and trigger a weight loss program, combined with exercise and a healthy diet. However, suppose you've already followed a healthy lifestyle and want to create the more beneficial internal system possible. In that case, a lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to support the weight loss strategy.


What happens to your body after lymphatic drainage?

The waste products are released from the body with increased urination. What do you feel after the lymphatic drainage? Generally, your limbs feel light, and you are more relaxed; you see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and feel more energy.


How often should I get a lymphatic drainage massage?

 Starve clinical trials based on 15 treatments. It changes the body's metabolic pattern.

Lymphatic drainage treatment works for weight loss, cellulite removal, and swelling removal. The frequency of the treatment depends on your body condition and the goal for the treatment.

How many times should I do lymphatic drainage?

The number of visits each week:

  1. First week: 2- 3 sessions
  2. Second week: 2-3 sessions
  3. Third week: 1-2 sessions
  4. Fourth week: 1-2 sessions
  5. Fifth week: 1-2 session
  6. Sixth week: 1-2 session

It would be best to commit to doing this as suggested to get the results.



Why do we need to move the lymph system?

We are too passive, especially working from home. Lockdown uncertainty raises the stress level and consequently releases cortisol. Cortisol pushes the blood towards the heart and lungs. The rest of the body chronically suffer from the luck of microcirculation. There is a reason for the whole body's intoxication. In addition, we do not move our bodies enough to make arterial, vein, and lymph systems work at maximum efficiency. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the circulatory system, but when we encourage it to move, it gets filtered through the body and out, taking with it harmful toxins.

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