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The Latest and Greatest Cellulite Treatment Technologies and Techniques

Cellulite is a multi-condition aesthetic problem with several different aspects: 

  • superficial fat accumulation 
  • poor circulation 
  • poor lymphatic drainage with the toxins and fluids retention 
  • skin sageness

No single treatment can tackle all those aspects at the same time. Therefore, a more comprehensive approach, that combines two or more techniques/technologies and definitely, not single, but a series of treatments should be applied.

Here we will review the best single procedures, according to effectiveness. MedVSpa recommends a combination of two or more of the most effective treatments for good results with cellulite reduction or prevention.


This review is the result of MedVSpa's almost two decades of experience in cellulite reduction in two continents, Canada, North America, and Belarus, Eastern Europe. They both work under the supervision of Marina Vashkevich

Please accept, that this is only a list of the best technologies or techniques. The application of those technologies is the same in the two countries, based on the same protocols. The products used and the quality of the equipment is equal. The only difference is the therapist's knowledge and experience, despite the training and continuation of education based on M. Vashkevich's signature protocols.

Therefore, do your research and don't be afraid to ask clinic questions to your treatment provider. The better she understands the medical part of your body processes, the better result you will get.

And of course, the treatments are the first steps to forward you toward a healthy diet regime (plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, as well as carbs minimizing), and motivate you to exercise more if you want to enjoy the result for a long time.


This treatment uses high-frequency electrical currents. These currents create and focus heat on specific body tissues: on the skin for skin tightening and the fact for the fat removal.

Cellulite removal requires heat focusing on the depth of cellulite- superficial fat. Only systems with vacuum and high intensity can reach such depth.

This intense heat:

  • contracts collagen, making your skin tighter
  • stimulates the new collagen and elastin production by fibroblasts (collagen cells), thereby making your skin tighter
  • enables the fat breakdown, making your fat deposits and cellulite smaller
  • stimulates fat cells apoptosis (early fat cell death, making your fat deposits and cellulite less visible
  • increases circulation in the treated area

Deep-tissue, high-power radiofrequency with vacuum is the best technology for cellulite reduction. It works on fat, firmness, and circulation all at the same time.

To be effective, the radio frequency, by itself, requires good blood circulation in the area. People who are older, prone to swelling, or have excessive fat deposits usually have pure circulation. The radio frequency treatment is effective only if swelling is reduced and microcirculation is restored. They need lymphatic drainage treatments before the deep-acting radiofrequency.


A strong lymphatic drainage treatment Starvac- system-based, not manual massage, acts on cellulite and boosts lymphatic drainage, toxins removal, and circulation. Lymphatic drainage treatment mechanically breaks down fat cells, destroys scar tissue, like stretch marks, and (if applied regularly for several weeks) boosts collagen production.

Lymphatic drainage treatment does not significantly affect fat tissue, which is the number one factor in cellulite. It helps to battle cellulite differently. The body detox reorients the whole body not to store the fat, but to release it for the human energy needs. Lymphatic drainage treatment helps holistically and keeps the result after the cellulite treatment long-lasting.

Lymphatic drainage treatment could be an effective cellulite removal method or a complete waste of time - it all depends on the skill and knowledge of the practitioner. If the therapist does not exactly know what she/he is doing, you will end up with not much. However, with a good therapist, you will have good results.

In conclusion, this technique depends 100% on therapist skills and the desire to focus on your cellulite triggers. Please do your review research before committing to a course of lymphatic drainage treatments.



MedVSpa uses the combination of RF and innovative anti-cellulite products in one treatment session. The product contains multiple active ingredients in high concentrations- Promoitalia new generation lipolytic and chemical peel. 

Promoitalia, one of the biggest cosmeceutical manufacturers on the world market, offers PQAge body product, which is a combination of

  • Chemical peels
  • Lipolytic solutions
  • Draining solutions
  • Collagen remodeling peptides

The molecular of this product is extremely small. The company is using innovative technologies to deliver them deep into the tissues, on the fat layer.

The chemical peels in PQAge contain two acids. The well-known Chloroacetic acid goes deep into the skin. It creates chemical damage and stimulates the tissue response known as collagen growth or collagen remodeling. The only problem with this acid: the molecules of Chloroacetic acid are active only on the super hydrated surface. Simply speaking, to work, the molecule of the Chloroacetic acid needs the nice of water around. The water comes through the vessels, growing and expanding under the radiofrequency heat. RF skin tightening makes the surface around Chloroacetic acid hydrated, and the acid works for the collagen formation skin tightening much better. 

The second acid is Polylactic acid. The lactic acid molecule is big. It stays on the skin surface, stimulates cells to turn over, and hydrates the skin. Therefore, 100% of clients feel the abdomen and thighs' skin plump a week after the treatment.

Lipo reducing ingredients of PQAge are delivered deep into the skin with liposome carriers. One of the lipolytic destroy the membrane of the fat cells, and the other penetrates the fat cell and crashes them.

Drainage ingredients help the body eliminate breakdown products, which lipolysis creates.

Collagen remodeling peptides, called Polynucleotides are one of the most famous Promoitalia ingredients. They help with collagen restructuring and make the skin plump.


Electro-mesotherapy, also known as no-needle mesotherapy or needle-free mesotherapy, increases acceptance of fat removal, skin tightening, and anti-cellulite active ingredients into the skin. 

Electro-mesotherapy is based on / radiofrequency electrical currents (electrophoresis / electroporation), which enhances skin absorption of active ingredients.

Water-based serums contain several active ingredients in high concentrations. Electro-mesotherapy treatment is mildly effective by itself. It works to boost the result of radio frequency.

Before you commit to such treatment, make sure you ask what ingredients are included in the treatment, and what they do for your cellulite. 


There are many other cellulite treatments on the market. They increase circulation and even stimulate collagen production, but they do not remove swelling and do not reach the depth of the fact deposit, nether destroy fat cells.

There are plenty of other ideas that don't work or only offer a very temporary benefit. I am not interested in temporary results. Cellulite should be attacked from all sides: fat, swelling, and skin.

I hope this article was helpful. As an endnote, I would advise that the key points for the cellulite removal result are the combination of treatments, as well as the qualification and professionalism of the treatment provider.

With the latest and greatest anti-cellulite technologies and products, as well as a healthy diet you achieve your goal of smoother, firmer legs and stomach.

Marina Vashkevich, R.N.

Aesthetic medical congresses speaker

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