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Lymphatic Drainage Treatment & Therapy

Do you feel that your body is full of toxins? Do you see cellulite on your butt, thighs, and arms?

If you feel that your body is full of toxins and you want to get rid of them, or if you have cellulite and want to remove it, the lymphatic drainage treatment is for you!

From the point of physiology, the lymphatic system removes excess fluid and destroy waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins, and even cancer cells.

Results of lymphatic drainage treatment


When the body removes toxins:

  • You feel better and have more energy
  • The body stores less fat- you lose weight faster
  • The body decreases the amount of food to make you feel full -you lose weight faster
  • Body does not crave carbs anymore -you lose weight faster

When the body removes swelling:

  • It removes cellulite
  • You lose volume- one or two sizes
  • Your circulation is improving- you do not feel “cold feet or cold butt” anymore
  • The immune system is improving- you stop suffering from cold often
Results of lymphatic drainage treatment 1

Results after ten Lymphatic Drainage treatments. Courtesy of MedVSPA.

This photo depicts the results from the guest who lost 2 sizes.

The arrow indicates the area of the lymphatic blockage and severe cellulite.


Lymphatic Drainage Treatment with Starvac

MedVSPA uses the system, not the hands, for lymphatic drainage massage. The massage is performed with a procedure called Starvac, and hand massage differs. A hand massage gives some results; however, it is impossible to go deep enough. Starvac can penetrate deep into the tissues. Hand massages are also not focused on the Lymphatic system; the application points are muscles. Starvac is the only vacuum mechanical system allowing aestheticians to focus on the lymphatic drainage system to remove swelling and toxins.

How it works

Starvac Lymphatic drainage is a 45 minutes treatment divided into four parts using different types of cups or rollers.

  1. Rotating cups with vacuum motion

a. They destroy fibrotic tissues (bumps)

b. They start lipolysis - a fat removal process by increasing the circulation in the deep tissues. 

c. They work for drainage — removing traps of deep fluid retention

2. Cups looking like spheres
a. They work on remittent or pulsation regimes. We put them in one place that is colder than others to increase the temperature and improve circulation in the local area. Sometimes, we use a pulsation regime to penetrate the level of muscles and improve circulation.
c. These cups may be used as a pathway for the waste product and liquid.
d. These cups destroy fibrotic tissues.
e. They improve microcirculation helping new capillaries to grow.
f. This is the only solution in modern aesthetic medicine to help people with overweight to lose weight naturally using their own body's potential.
3. Rollers with vacuum
Rollers "grab" the fold of the shin and roll along. The direction of this movement depends on your goal. If the goal is to get rid of superficial fluids, the action focuses on the lymph collectors. If the aim is stimulating the collagen formation process and skin lift, the direction of the movement is a vector of tissue lifting. All the roller movements give the skin smoothness and tightening and change skin color to the healthy one.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Packages in Toronto

Lymphatic drainage for the face

The system addressed to the following issues:


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