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Why Lymphatic Drainage Could Speed Up Weight Loss and Body Detox.

Cindy came to the clinic complaining about weight gain. She has been working from home and sits in upfront of the computer all day. Her stomach and legs respond to her posture. Therefore, she feels bloated, looks "pregnant," and sees the body swollen. She tried to wear her jeans instead of sweat pants. They were too tight.

Also, she feels tired and experiences a lack of energy.

The girl has been trying to decrease the amount of food, eat fewer portions, and walk every day. She lost about 4 pounds in 2 months and gained them again one month after.

Working from home and weight gain.

Our body has the most significant lymphatic nodes in the abdomen and the inguinal area. 

When you move your body towards the computer, you squeeze them and mechanically interrupt the outflow.

Your lymphatic system does not remove toxins and fluid from the body properly.

As a result, toxins are circulating inside of the body, and fluids create swelling. Your metabolism is slowing down. Fat deposits are growing despite that you try to eat healthily. 

How to lose weight fast?

The reason for excess fat storage is body intoxication.

Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, or cryo lipolysis are helpful to get rid of a small amount of fat. However, toxins will still move around your body even when local fat is gone. It means that you will gain weight again pretty soon, as Cindy did.

To stimulate the outflow of lymph and toxins, you can move in two directions.

You can take supplements to speed up toxins removal, but sitting upfront of the computer interrupts the lymph outflow.

You can speed up toxins and swelling removal through lymphatic drainage stimulation.

Luckily, our body is merely remarkable! Thanks to our lymphatic system body eliminate swelling and waste products. It has its way of weight loss. 


 Knowing Your Lymphatic System

Lymphatic drainage helps you expedite your body's natural way of getting rid of toxins by pushing fluid to the lymph channels. It facilitates a more efficient body detox and increased immunity. Also, it activates the body's circulation and general body tone, stimulates drainage, and reduces stress and tension.

The treatment works for weight loss, swollen legs, cold feet, and butt, bloated stomach.

 Lymphatic drainage leads not only to lose weight but to good overall health.


 Lymphatic Massage

A specialized massage called the Starvac Lymphatic Drainage aims to enhance lymphatic flow using well-calculated pressure and rhythmic circular movements using France's technology. 

The dynamics of lymphatic massage Starvac include the up to 90% reduction of fluid retention and the accompanying pressure, which diminish the risk of blocked circulation. As such, your circulatory system can swiftly remove retained fluids and toxin build-ups.


How does a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment help?

During the lymphatic drainage massage, Starvac certified medical aesthetician uses five types of different cups and rollers for pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymph flow. The treatment consists of four parts. 

The aesthetician uses a small cup to reactivate your lymphatic nodes. They have to filter debris of bacteria, viruses, and other body waste products.

  1. She uses big blue cups to dig deep inside. The cups push the retained fluid from deep to more superficial tissues.
  2. The practitioner moisturizes the body with oil and implements slide movements with medium size cups. They move out fluids, stimulate lipolysis, and work for collagen growth.
  3. When the aesthetician implements slow movements with the rollers, she moves superficial swelling out of the body. Vigorous roller motions tighten the skin through the collagen formation process.      
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What benefits does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage have?

Weight loss

Lymphatic drainage treatment Starvac is a top choice for women who work with the computer from home, cannot exercise regularly, and want to lose weight fast. 

 Cellulite reduction

Toxins and swelling removal are the key to getting rid of cellulite. When swelling is gone, blood circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to tissues. It makes the skin look more even.

 Reduced water retention

The main job of the lymph system is to carry and dispose of fluid waste. The excessive water retained in the body is also disposed of through this technique. 

 Increased metabolic rate

A healthy lymph system contributes to a healthy metabolic rate: the higher your metabolic rate, the more fat your body burns. Regular lymphatic drainage treatments prevent your metabolic rate from slowing down. It stimulates weight loss and helps to avoid weight gain. 

Helps you relax

As with any massage, it brings into your day a sense of well-being and reduces stress levels. 

Lymphatic drainage surpasses the stress hormone "cortisol," which affects the weight gain process. By unwinding and regularly taking time for your lymph drainage, cortisol level drops, regulating stress-related weight. 

 When the goal is to change metabolic processes, one session is not a magic pill. 

 If you are serious about losing weight, go for around  15-20 sessions to truly cleanse and boost your lymph system.

 MedVSpa has been operating for over eight years in the heart of downtown Toronto.


Lymphatic Drainage Treatment improves your body shape.

Detox speeds up metabolism. You start losing weight, and your body shape improves.

The body detox process and changing metabolism require at least 15 treatments.

  The price point is $175-$130 per treatment.



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