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Non-Surgical Neck Tightening Treatment

Neck lift — RELIFT treatment is a combination of technologies to give you the best results following 6 to 9 treatments:

  • Double chin removal
  • Nonsurgical liposuction
  • Neck skin tightening

Medical pathology

There are 2 targets to treat a double chin or loose neck skin:

  • Fat in the jaw and neck areas
  • Sagging Skin

Reaction removes fat and tightens the skin layer.

After 40-45 years to gain the quicker result we combine Reaction with Infusion hyaluronic acid and peptides delivery into the deep layer of the skin.

Before / After

1.Why Neck lift requires 6 treatments?

The conductive tissue for RF technology is blood. Aging microcirculation is not perfect. So, some first treatments with RF will be helpful only to stimulate the microcirculation. Good circulation is a must-have for good results from skin tightening because blood is a conductive tissue that accumulates heat. Accumulated heat in the layer of collagen stimulates the process of new collagen formation. Collagen formation means skin tightening.

2.Is there a faster way to get the result of Neck Lift?

Fractional RF micro-needling Scarlet can stimulate the circulation immediately from the top and bottom of the skin, targeting all skin layers more aggressively and quickly. It requires 3- 4 treatments.

3.Does Botox Injection help with cords?

One more method involves Botox treatment in the cords. It brings some improvement in a three- to six-month period.

4.When to Start Neck Lift?

When the first signs of aging appear, it is time to start Neck lift treatments. The longer you wait to get rid of them, the more difficult and expensive the treatment will be.