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Double Chin Removal Treatment

Treatment is focused on

  • Fat removal
  • Collagen formation-skin tightening
  • Improving the microcirculation
  • Improving the lymphatic drainage function
  • Decreasing the spasm of the jaw muscles

However, there is one condition for these treatments to be successful: there should be very good microcirculation in the area of the treatment because the conductive tissue for the RF energy is blood.

For blood-circulation improvement vacuum mechanical massage works the best. Systems which combine vacuuming and Radiofrequency technology are the most effective. As the result, the RF and vacuum technology work together to remove fat and improve the microcirculation as well as lymph drainage.

For the collagen formation process, RF technology is the leader on the market. Skin-tightening process is stimulated by RF technology. RF shrinks the amount of the skin after decreasing the fat amount in the area.


What we do and how

  • Everything what we do for the double chin removal, we do without needles, only combining the technologies.
  • Treatment protocol will be customized in each particular case.
  • Only IMG (Internationaly Medical Graduated) work for MedVSPA.
  • Their scientific backgrounds help to reach the result of significant fat removal and skin tightening with every client.

Before / After

1.Q:How will I look after the Double Chin treatment?

A:You will see a more defined jawline and less fat under the jaw. You can expect to see a few small bruises which will go away by the next day.

2.Q:How to get rid of Double Chin in one treatment?

A:Unfortunately, It is impossible. Treatments with RF technology require six sessions. Belkyra injections 2-3 sessions.

3.Q:How to Reduce Double Chin without injections?

A:Combination of technologies: RF, Electroporation, and Starvac work to get rid of fat, tighten the skin, and improve the lymphatic drainage to see the result immediately.