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Non-Surgical Eye Lift Skin Tightening Treatment

Nonsurgical Eyelift in Toronto was developed especially for:

What to Expect after eye lift with skin tightening:

  • eyebrows lift (up to 0,5in)
  • skin tightening under eyes
  • size reduction of under eye bags
  • removal the eye wrinkles (treatment for wrinkles without botox injection)

Eyelift treatment

Eye Lift MedVSpa treatment covers the area above the eyebrows, temples, and almost half of the face. MedVSpa has worked for more than 11 years successfully treating the conditions of:

  • puffy eyes, 
  • droopy eyelids, 
  • dark circles under the eyes 
  • smile lines. 

 A combination of 2 technologies is a MedVSpa signature Eye Lift treatment. 

1) MedVSpa uses radio frequency skin tightening Reaction for Eyelift. A small handpiece allows for working very close to the eye for collagen growth and skin tightening—the collagen formation process MedVSpa bosts with Ionwave Technology Infusion.

2) Infusion to deliver substances

  • for skin hydration (hyaluronic acid)
  • for collagen boosting (peptides)
  • particular whitening solution for dark circles under the eyes.

An eyebrow lift is the first result that the client sees immediately after the treatment.

Before / After