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Droopy Eyelids, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles Under Eyes

Eyes That Show Aging

Between forty and fifty, aging begins to affect the upper parts of the face more. Puffy eyes, droopy eyelids, dark circles under eyes are the most common concerns.

Puffy Eyelids

Puffy eyelids are a sign of aging. It is the aggravation of the process started earlier in age.           


There are two reasons for puffy eyelids after forty: hernia and swollen tissue. The hernia is a weakness of thin and stretched-out connective tissues, which should hold fat n the area of the lower eyelid. 

Tissue swelling is a lymphatic-drainage problem. If the process of tissue swelling is permanent, the skin in the area of the lower eyelid loses its elasticity and stretches out.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles might show hyperpigmentation or dark spots under the eyes. When the skin under the eyes is thin, sometimes the veins look through the eyes like dark circles. Shadows may appear in the hollows underneath the eyes because the underlying bone structure changes due to the aging process. MedVSPA offers a variety of solutions to get rid of droopy eyelids, puffy eyes, puffy eyelids dark circles under the eyes. 

The result is noticeable after the first session. However, a series of treatments is recommended to have a long-lasting effect.     

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