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According to the contemporary view on the problem of double-chin appearance, as the aging process takes place, the muscle in the jaw area shrinks. This shrinkage is the result of muscle hypertension.

Muscle spasms not only destroy the balance of the musculoskeletal structure of the face and neck but also work as an obstacle for the micro-circulation and lymphatic (lymph) flow. The result of these processes is the accumulation of the liquid in the lower part of the face and neck. Jowls appearance is the result of changes. These swollen tissues have the consequences of damaging the microcirculation as well. It is a cycle that needs to and can be broken.


In order to have a tightened skin, our bodies should destroy damaged collagen and produce new. Good microcirculation is one of the key conditions for the restoration process. When circulation is insufficient, the processes of new collagen formation suffer. Fat does not have sufficient collagen support and shows it as jowls.

Double chins are mostly a problem of the deformative type of aging (overweight people very often are representatives of this type). All that was mentioned earlier—microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, and gravity processes with fat dropping and weakness of the collagen support—are conditions for this type of aging.

MedVSPA has more than ten years of experience working to get rid of double chin and jowls.

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