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Filler injections & Treatments in Toronto

Fillers at MedVSPA Toronto work to

Fillers have been used to instantly replace deep and superficial fat which people have lost as the result of the aging process. Immediately after three injections, the face looks younger and fresher. It is possible to lift chick bones and make lips visible and younger-looking, as well as give the face more oval appearance.           

Filler injections & Treatments | MedVSpa

Everybody is afraid to look unnatural after fillers injections. How not to look plastic please read in chapter 9 of my book “The Natural Look. Why are Some People Overdone?”

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Replace lost volume

There are 2 way of doing injections

  • with a needle
  • with a cannula

The choice between a needle or cannula is based on safety for the treated area, the necessity of precise delivery of the product in to the desired point, and the type of aging process.

If you have Tired or Deformative type of aging (if you are not sure with your type please download the chapter on the left side of this page), it is preferred to use cannula.

Faces that age as a Tired or Deformative, are retaining fluid. It means that the lymphatic drainage function and venous outflow is not perfect. Consequently, significant amount of fillers (more than 2-3 syringes in one time) or big boluses (placement of a product in the point) can negatively affect lymph outflow. For this type of aging, filler injections with a cannula will create a natural result without excessive swelling. If additional injections are necessary, it is better to inject them 2 weeks or a month after. A lymph drainage treatment, like STAR Face, with the goal to stimulate the lymph movement is beneficial between the injection sessions.

For Sagging type of aging, more than 2-3 syringes in one treatment is not recommended as well. It will be visible that something “was done” when more than 3 syringes is injected in one session. To look natural, for Sagging aging type is advised to do treatments that make skin plumper and remove sagging appearance. MedVSPA recommends several types of Face Lift treatments or Bio-Revitalization injections to tighten the skin.

Underline face features

Prominent cheek bones are a privilege of young people.

However, clear jaw line and jaw angles look good at any age. Restored proportion between the chin and upper lip definitely make you looking younger. Smooth forehead and refilled temple areas make your face looking smoother, close to oval shape.

Lips are a fearful area for the filler treatment for many people.

filler injection treatment results  2


However, lip injections could be done not only with the purpose to make them bigger, but also to

  • bring lips more symmetry
  • give them upper and lower lip proportion, when tooth bite is abnormal
  • make them wider and bigger to be proportional on the big face
  • restore aging lips, returning them plumper appearance
  • prevent the disappearing of upper lip when the muscle is aggressive

More about lips injections please read here: Chapter 17” The most “fearful” area. Why You

filler injection treatment results  3

Can’t Look Complete without Lip Fillers?”

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Prevent the aging

A well-known opinion leader in the field of Medical Aesthetics M.DeMajo published an article in 2018, where he underlined that excessive muscles movements in some areas force fat disappearance. It means, if you speak using your chin muscles, you can expect chin to be smaller and look bumpy with age. He gave 2 suggestions to prevent such conditions: to add some Botox to relax the muscle, or to put some filler to create additional obstacle for the muscle movement. Both of them have the goal to decrease the pressure of the muscle to the fat pad underneath.

He also pointed out that when the fat pad from the middle part of the face is disappearing, the muscle, that covers these pads, start losing the support. Moreover, with age, the muscle

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by itself is not strong enough to support tissue. Therefore, filler which replaces the lost fat pad will work to prevent the aging and help the muscle to keep it natural shape.        

1.Q:How will I look after lip injections?

A:Marina personally doe not like products, which make your lips to be swollen after the injections.Your lips will look fuller and better shaped. They will be swollen slightly. It might be some small bruises.

2.Q:How to get rid of bags under eyes with fillers.

A:Fillers, like Redensity II could be used to make the margin between the skin and bags under eyes less noticeable. Minimum amount of filler should be used: less than one syringe.

3.Q:Are lip injections painful?

A:Lip injections are painful in the central part of lips. Numbing cream is applied before the treatment. From many years of experience, I would say, that the majority of people evaluate the pain as 4-7 from 10.

4.Q:How to get rid of laugh lines?

A:Filler injection is the only one solution to get rid of laugh lines. Laugh lines are the result of excessive muscles movement. We can not block the muscle in this area. Therefore, we inject the filler. It works as the pillow and creates an additional obstacle for the muscles contraction.

5.Q:How to look natural with Cheek fillers?

A:Cheek fillers work to underline the cheekbones for young people and diminish/remove halls in the middle part of the face when they appear as the result of structural aging. Filler injections with cannula help to create lines- vector lifting and develop the natural look. Moreover, as a client, you control the process during the injection session to have a natural look with cheek fillers.

6.Q:How does Hyaluronic acid injection work?

A:Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can be a highly cross-linked formulation for more versatility in contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds. Cross-linking refers to a process in which the hyaluronic acid is chemically bound and transforms the liquid hyaluronic acid into a gel. The body metabolizes cross-linked hyaluronic acid more slowly. Therefore, the result lasts 12 or 24 months.