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Rosacea Skin Condition

We still do not know the exact origin of rosacea. Most experts agree that the disorder is related to blood vessels in the deep skin layer. Under certain stimuli, vessels stay dilated. Permanently dilated vessels provoke the body’s response. The body sends immune and inflammatory cells to the area. These cells contribute to the permanent redness and pimples seen.

There are two major components of rosacea: redness and inflammation.

From the beginning, rosacea appears as visible blood vessels on the face (very often around the nose). Within a short time after sun exposure or some food consumption, clients have sensations of stinging and burning. Over the years, persistent redness and flushing show rosacea is progressing. Red pimples on the face reflect the stage of inflammation.

Types of Rosacea

Rosacea can just be a central facial redness. It can be associated with symptoms such as itching, burning, and stinging too.

In addition to redness, some clients develop pimples that tend to fluctuate over time. There is also the type of rosacea in which the individual develops a bulbous nose. This occurrence is more typical in men than in women. Swollen and red eyes are one more type of rosacea.

MedVSPA helps people with any type of rosacea. You can see MedVSPA successful results on the B&A page. A treatment plan starts with a unique combination of technologies. After inflammation disappears, MedVSPA recommends series of Scarlet RF Microneedling and PRP treatments to solidify results and reduce a risk of its reoccurrence.        

Recommended Treatments for This Condition