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Acne and Acne Scars

Acne is a disease. Hypersensitivity to male hormones plays a crucial role in the onset of acne. The mechanism of acne is complicated enough.

We can only guess the main factor in acne's appearance, but we never know why some people get acne, and others don't. To understand what happens and how we get pimples, we will talk about the causes of acne we know about

The following are some factors that predispose one to acne:

  1. A lot of dead cells on the top skin lay
  2. A high level of oil production by sebaceous glands
  3. Microcomedones—what you feel under the fingers
  4. The growth of bacteria inside the clogged sebaceous gland

A first factor is an abnormal number of dead cells in the top skin layer, clogging the sebaceous glands and forming a plug. Closed sebaceous glands create a nourishing environment for bacterial growth.

The second factor is sebum production increasing.

The third factor pertains to the inflammation of the follicles that produce microcomedones, commonly referred to as a blackhead (containing an opening to the skin surface)

Enlarged microcomedones that don't open to the skin surface are called whiteheads. It's pretty standard for clients not to be able to see them but to be able to feel them when touching the skin with fingers. Stretching out the skin allows whiteheads to become visible. They are inflamed under the stream of hormonal disturbances and show up on the skin as pimples.

Acne scars appear as a result of deep inflammation

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