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Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage Treatment

A perfect treatment before any special occasion!

Do people say you look tired, but you feel great? Or are you tired and your face is showing it?

Our Star Face treatment is your solution. It gives you an instant result with no downtime. It's like you've spent a day at the spa, but it only takes one hour, with immediate results.

Our Non-Surgical Facelift at MedVSPA Toronto works to REMOVE

Our Non-surgical Facelift at MedVSPA Toronto includes a combination of three technologies:

  1. STARVAC Face and neck.This unique lymphatic drainage massage starts with a technology that uses targeted vacuum techniques on the skin that helps to safely move retained fluids trapped deep inside of tissues located directly under the skin layer. We then add our proprietary facial massage with its European mix of vigorous and relaxing movements, sure to put you on cloud nine. This forces the fluids to be flushed out of your body for safe and effective removal.

    These fluids are saturated with waste products and toxins, which is a significant reason not only for puffy skin and puffiness around your eyes but also is the main reason for dull, tired skin. Just by doing the lymphatic drainage portion of our non-surgical facelift, you will immediately see a defined jawline, double chin improvement, decreased eye and face puffiness, and glowing skin.

  2. Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion is our second part of our non-surgical facelift. When skin gets rid of the superficial dead cell layer, the base membrane (which is underneath), starts to produce new cells faster. New cells give skin a lighter appearance, glow, and an even skin tone. Moreover, this accelerated process leads to more skin hydration, revealing gorgeous, new healthy skin, which prepares the skin for step three.
  3. Infusion Ski/technology/infusion/n Hydration is our third and final step for our non-surgical facelift. This infuses hydration into the skin with Hyaluronic acid (HA). HA naturally occurs in our skin as our internal moisturizer. As we age, we lose this at a quicker pace. HA is infused into the deep layers of the skin using a Nobel Prize-winning, non-invasive technology giving your skin luxurious, lasting moisture deep within. In addition to this, our medical esthetician may also use a Lipolytic solution for fat removal, or a solution for additional Lymphatic drainage depending on your needs. We will assess your skin for a personalized combination solution.

Because of our customized approach based on a combination of technologies, you will see an instant non-surgical facelift after the first treatment!

Hand Face massage is not included in the Starface treatment. Should be paid separately.

The results of our three-step, STAR Face and neck lymphatic drainage massage