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Belkyra double chin treatment.

Belkyra ( Kybella) works as an injection for double chin removal.

Deoxycholic acid is an active substance of Kybella, which resolves fat under the chin. However, the treatment is reasonably expensive because of the possible side effects and the nurse or physician's responsibility to perform the treatment.

Belkyra double chin treatment| MedVSpa

You are a proper candidate for Belkyra if you have :

  1. A moderate or significant amount of fat. Otherwise, it is possible to damage skin or muscles.
  2. Previous experience with injections. If you have beauty injections before, you know that the result does not happen the next day after the treatment, and you know about all the injection outcomes: swelling, bruises, and pain.
  3. Your neck is not saggy. It is the risk that after the fact removal, you will see the flappy skin under the chin. Therefore, clients with good skin tone are preferable for the treatment. If you have neck sagginess, be prepared that you will see more flappy skin after the Belkyra fat removal treatment. Please consider the injection of fillers or skin tightening procedures to remove excess skin one month after the Belkyra treatments plan is finished.
  4. Take your pictures and compare them to the scale. If you have mild fat, I refuse to inject you because of the risk of damaging your skin or destroy your muscle. We can talk with you about RF Double chin removal or Volux injections to make your fat barely visible.


How long to see the result from Belkyra?

Consider 2-3 sessions of injections or start with Double chin Medvspa treatment and reevaluate the number of "dots" in 2 months( after four treatments).

How Medvspa can help you to come through the process:

  1. We are on a call with you.
  2. We take you for the lymphatic drainage every week after the treatment ($50 for you, reg price $220)  

Is Belkyra safe?   

  1. The treatment can be performed only for the suitable candidates:
  2. The client, signing the consent, should know about possible side effects.
  3. All people who buy Belkyra from Allergan come through the online workshop, pass the exam, and have hands-on training.

If you have enough fat for the injections and ready to come through the process of recovery, call me 647-460-4585.