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Dark Spot/ Melasma Laser Removal Treatment

Melasma from the point of medicine

Melasma treatment in MedVSPA Toronto is combination of technologies chemical peels, and sometimes injections. Darkens barely will be deleted, but you can consider up to 85% improvement.

Melasma hyperpigmentation appears deep in the skin. It could be triggered by the sun but is related to hormonal changes. Usually, it appears after or during pregnancy or is associated with birth control pills. Melasma typically locates on the forehead, upper cheeks, upper lip, and chin.

If your skin is type 3 and darker, please pay attention to Cosmelan peel to make Melasma lighter.

Dark spots removal

Dark Spot origin differs from Melasma and can be related to skin darkness. Dark spots appear after sun exposure or trauma. It is not clear how deep the conglomerates of triggered pigment cells locate. Therefore, the removal of such dark spots is barely predictable. However, the MedVSpa treatment result is significant skin lightening, up to 85%.

Removing dark spots treatment combines technologies, injections, and chemical peels.

For superficial hyperpigmentation, MedVSPA removes superficial hyperpigmentation by combining in one treatment

  • microdermabrasion
  • chemical peel
  • IPL photo facial

For deeper hyperpigmentation, MedVSPA recommends

One of the primary importance is when pigment cells awake and are ready to join again, triggered by the sun or hormonal changes. That is why for clients, especially with skin type 3 and up, MedVSPA develops a unique program when the skin is prepared to resist the triggers.

Please download the chapter from my book to learn more about Melasma, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots.

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