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Double chin removal and neck tightening

Double chin removl without injections.

Double Chin treatment without injections is one of the most popular that MedVSpa performs. We offer treatment on Groupon since 2015, have got fabulous reviews, and see happy people who got rid of the double chin. MedVSpa offers injections for double chin as well.

90% of the young population get the result of half double chin reduction after the first session. The older you are, the more sessions you need. Marina Vashkevich, MedVSpa owner and R.N. did the clinical trials for Reaction Viora.

MedVSpa has more than 10 years of experience in Neck tightening treatment. In comparison with the previous generation of technology, Scarlet RF microneedling shows a 60% better result. However, if you want your neck to look as young as your face, consider Juvederm Volux injections or Botox after Scarlet.

Double chin removal with injections.

Belkyra is a fat removal solution, injected into the skin. At least 2 -3 sessions are required. The minimum amount injected is 2 vials of Belkyra product per session. The minimal cost per session is $600. The fat removal result is more impressive in comparison to technology. However, it does not guarantee that a double chin will not appear again.