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RF Microneedling vs Traditional Microneedling

Traditional Microneedling

Traditional microneedling uses a simple device that creates micro-injuries in the skin. They are not deep, otherwise, the treatment would resemble a “vampire facelift” with lots of bleeding. The superficial injuries stimulate the body’s wound healing collagen and elastin production. Created scratches make skin more even, which shows fine lines and acne scarring less noticeable. Microneedling may combine trauma with the infusion of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the created holes. People, who have young platelets ( less than 45y.o.), can consider having better results.

RF Microneedling

RF microneedling adds radiofrequency energy to the traditional microneedling procedure. RF technology got FDA approval for skin tightening through collagen formation and microcirculation improvement. RF energy is delivered via small needles. It creates thermal zone injuries at different depths. Needles of 3,5mm length, as Scarlet RF microneedling has, reach the depth of fat, ligaments, and deep skin. Combining with benefits seen with the micro-injury provided by the microneedles, RF microneedling delivers RF energy deeper, enhancing skin tightening, plumping, and scar reduction.
Because the RF energy is delivered so deep, it can produce faster, more dramatic results.

For whom is RF microneedling?

RF microneedling works for any skin type and tones the whole year round.

The procedure addresses the following concerns:

The result is visible after the first treatment, cumulating with 4 treatment sessions, spaced about four weeks apart. After 4 sessions, 97% of clients maintain the result by taking one Scarlet RF microneedling once per three months

Microneedling and RF Microneedling – Recovery

After traditional microneedling, you can expect some redness and feelings, similar to sunburn that usually goes away within 24 to 48 hours. After Scarlet RF microneedling the downtime is 3 hours. You see your face plumped and lifted with some red spots on it. MedVSpa treatment provider covers your redness with Skeyndoor BB cream, and you are ready to go to work or for e dinner right after the treatment.

Making Your Decision

Which procedure is right for you?
If you are around 30y.o., with uneven skin tone and texture, traditional microneedling will solve your concerns.
It is important to note that traditional microneedling usually costs less.

if you are looking for:
face lifting
skin tightening
acne scars removal
double chin removal
eye lift treatment,
RF microneedling Toronto will be a better investment.

Therefore, you should review with your aesthetic specialist your needs and treatment goals before making a decision.

As a skilled expert in facial rejuvenation, Marina Vashkevich, R.N. will help you decide which microneedling treatment best suits your needs. Contact the MedVSpa office today to schedule your consultation!

What Makes RF Microneedling Superior?

Both traditional microneedling and RF microneedling stimulate superficial skin cells' turnover, showing results in the skin’s texture and hydration. Both of them minimize superficial acne scars appearance.
Traditional microneedling affects wound healing, whereas RF microneedling improves structural collagen growth, and reaches much deeper skin layers with needles and heat. RF microneedling through collagen improving, shows face, neck, and eye lifting, skin plumping effect, wrinkles, deep lines reduction, and double chin removal. RF microneedling is the only treatment that targets acne scars and gives an extremely high satisfaction response in comparison with alternative acne scars treatments.

Acne scars treatment with microneedling vs RF microneedling

Traditional RF microneedling creates improvements in acne scars making skin tone more even. After the treatment scars look better, because even outer skin layer improves light reflection.
Microneedling does not go as deep as acne scars positioned,whereas RF microneedling does. Radiofrequency microneedling crashes unstructured scare collagen and stimulates the production of new, healthier one. The stimulation helps to diminish the depth of deep acne scars. The majority of clients see an improvement of 21% after the first RF Scarlet microneedling treatment and declare that half of the scars disappear after the series of 4 treatments.

The Next Generation of RF Microneedling Scarlet RF Microneedling vs Morpheus8

Both of them are the most popular microneedling in Toronto treatments. However, there is some difference in price, downtime, and treatment time.

How much does the Scarlet vs Morpheus8 procedure cost?

The cost of a Morpheus8 treatment in Toronto depends on many factors. These factors include the size of the targeted area and whether additional sessions are required to achieve optimal results. A single Morpheus8 treatment typically costs $999, whereas a five-treatment package $4,000 in Toronto.
MedVSpa has almost 3 years of experience with RF microneedling. The cost of Scarlet Rf microneedling at MedVSpa is $440 per treatment in August 2022. To reach the maximum result MedVSpa recommends 4 treatments one month apart.

How long does it take to recover from a Microneedling procedure?

After Morpheus8 treatments are recommended that patients take 3-5 days to rest following the procedure, because of 3-5 days of moderate facial skin swelling.

Scarlet RF microneedling downtime is 3 hours. MedVSpa treatment providers cover the redness with Skeyndoor BB cream, aand you are reaady to go to work immediately.

How long does a microneedling RF procedure take?

The brow, upper lids, lower lids, face, and neck can be fully treated in under one hour with Morheus8.
Face treatment Scarlet RF microneedling requires 1,5 hours: 1 hour to apply 1000 pulses on the face only and 20 min for numbing cream application.

Who is a Candidate for a Morpheus8 vs Scarlet microneedling?

The good news is that there is no particular age restriction for a fractional RF microneedling treatment. Morpheus8 and the treatment providers do not define a “good” candidate for the treatment.

“The years of experience give an understanding that the best candidates for Scarlet RF microneedling are people with deformative- swollen type of aging, as well as women with a thin skin”, said Marina Vaasjkevich, R.N. dermatology congresses speaker.


“MedVSpa uses fractional RF technology since 2015, started working with the first generation of ablative fractional RFs, V-touch Viora. We still use V-touch to treat acne scars for light-skin type patients. Scarlet microneedling technology is the latest generation of devices, approved by the FDA for skin tightening and scars treatments. MedVSpa has been working with Scarlet RF microneedling since 2019. Within 3 years of everyday experience, we can say that RF microneedling is the most advanced collagen stimulating technology in the world, which gives an immediate and long-lasting result with almost no downtime", Vashkevich said.


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