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Scarlet Microneedling Face Lift & Neck Tightening Treatment

Are you dreaming of the treatment which will give you the ultimate face lift and appearance of glowing and flawless skin at the same time? Do you want a treatment which gives you an immediate result that will improve day by day?

Then you are on the right page of MedVSPA Toronto and I have the pleasure of introducing you to Scarlet RF microneedling.
Scarlet microneedling Toronto works for
  • Face lift through RF skin tightening
  • Double chin removal through fat removal and skin tightening
  • Eye lift through RF skin tightening
  • Neck tightening
SCARLET face lift and neck tightening treatment

At the same time, Scarlet at MedVSPA Toronto improves the appearance of the outer skin layer and gives the result of

  • Glowing skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Shrink pores

Scarlet RF microneedling at MedVSPA was also approved by the FDA for

  • Acne scars removal as an Acne treatment device.

Scarlet combines Fractional RF and Microneedling technology in one machine.

The fractional RFmicroneedling technology is well known and scientifically proven to be effective for the stimulation of collagen formation. Face lifting, as well as eye lifting and neck tightening effects, are based on the collagen formation. It means that to lift the skin or to shrink the skin layer the energy should be delivered exactly into the deep layer of the skin where collagen growth ensues.

Only lasers and RFs work for this purpose. They stimulate long-living collagen, compared to the microneedling technology, which gives a glowing and light appearance to the outer skin layer.


Why Scarlet microneedling is famous for an immediate result?


Scarlet microneedling punctures small gold needles into the deep skin layer. This, however, involves no bleeding or discomfort on the patient’s part. Medically speaking, when needles reach the collagen skin layer, some capillaries must be punctured and blood would appear on the skin surface, but Scarlet is a Fractional RF microneedling which means any wounds are ‘cured’ as the needles penetrate the skin. This is attributed to the Dr. Na™ effect, a specific technology invented by the creator of the Scarlet machine and named after him. It means that each needle coagulates blood vessels into the skin and there is no bleeding.

The most significant part is that each needle creates an independent zone of thermal injury, which is a necessity for collagen production! While creating the thermal injury zones in the skin Scarlet microneedling Toronto destroys your old damaged collagen, therefore, you see the lifting immediately. Besides, your skin will heal with the new collagen growth and you will see the improvement of your appearance day by day! Tightening under the eyes and eyebrow lifting, face lifting, double chin removal, and neck lifting.


Why Scarlet microneedlingis famous for an immediate result?


However, there is one more technology together with Fractional RF in Scarlet. It is the microneedling technology. When microneedles move through the outer skin layer they push different solutions into the skin. Therefore, you see the skin looks brighter and better hydrated when Hyaluronic acid is used. You can expect up to 80% dark spots and sun spots removal when 7% Vitamin C solution is used. Peptides can give the skin a bright and light appearance. You also can expect eye bag removal when peptides are used for lymphatic drainage. Neck skin looks plumper immediately when peptides relax the skin on the neck.

It is possible to reach an immediate and long-lasting result when the treatment is customized exactly for you! MedVSPA in Toronto customizes every treatment protocols exactly for you to deliver an immediate and long-lasting result.


Am I a good candidate for Scarlet RF microneedling treatment?


You are a good candidate for Scarlet RF microneedling if your skin works properly deep inside. Otherwise, preparation will be advised. From physiology, it is clear that for the resultative treatment skin should

  • have a very good microcirculation
  • be well hydrated deep inside
  • work properly for new collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid production ( like a wheel).

MedVSPA specialists will give your skin full assessment and advise to do Scarlet microneedling only when your skin is ready for such a treatment.

Moreover, there are 4 types of skin aging. From common sense, it is understandable that the sagging skin  representatives will not respond to the treatment in the same way as people with deformation aging type. As well as their responses will be different compared to people who age with tired or muscular type of aging.

Let’s me clarify for you exact your type of aging. Sign up the form and send it to me.

To sum up, you need a consultation to customize exact your treatment protocol with Toronto microneedling famous treatment.