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RF microneedling cost in Toronto

RF microneedling is a cosmetic treatment not covered by any insurance in Toronto.The most popular and resultative treatment is a bi-polar RF microneedling called Scarlet or Sylfirm, after the rebranding in 2022.  The RF micrneedling treatment starts from $300 for a small area, like around the eyes. 83% of MedVSpa clients prefer facelifting and neck tightening treatments performed in one session.

Is microneedling with RF worth it?

Microneedling Rf is well known for skin tightening and facelifting. However, clinical trials for microneedling RF initially focused on fading the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Later, by changing the depth of needle penetration and working on the levels of skin, fat, and ligaments, the understanding that microneedling RF improves the skin, both structurally and superficially, came. Moreover, bipolar RF microneedling does not trigger fat removal, even though interstitial collagen thickening happens. These are just some reasons why Radiofrequency Microneedling is worth it!

How long does RF microneedling last?

Scarlet RF microneedling skin tightening and lifting effect lasts about one year, up to 1,5 years, followed by four sessions done four weeks apart. MedVSpa recommends having a touch-up session once every three months to boost the result continuously.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Based on Scarlet clinical trials, the MedVSpa treatment protocol includes four treatments combining RF microneedling and bio-revitalization in one session. The price of the microneedling RF treatment consists of the package price and the deposit. The last treatment price excluded the cumulated amount of prepaid money.

Is RF microneedling better than Botox?

Botox relaxes muscles, whereas microneedling RF plumps the skin. For example, under-eye skin is fragile because it is thin instantly. The skin looks worse with age because of increased muscle activity. Botox makes wrinkles smoother, decreasing muscle activity. Scarlet Rf microneedling makes skin thicker for better resistance. No doubts that the best result happens when both RF microneedling and Botox are applied. To conclude, microneedling RF works for skin tightening and wrinkles reduction, whereas Botox smoothes the skin by relaxing muscles.

Are the RF microneedling results permanent?

The effect is not permanent. Compared to other treatments, it lasts up to 1,5 years, which is long. For example, after the facial or chemical peel, the result lasts 3-4 weeks, IPL 3-6 months, Botox 3-5 months, and fillers 9-12 months. The exception is Juvederm Voluma, lasting a year and a half, and Juvederm Volux which lasts two years.

Does microneedling tighten jowls?

Yes, the treatment removes jowls and makes the jawline look defined because it works for collagen production. Mesotherapy with drainage and lipolytic solutions decreases the amount of fat and removes swelling from the areal. Plumped skin easily supports reduced fat amount. 

What are RF side effects?

Redness and swelling are side effects of RF microneedling. Clients without rosacea see red spots on the face or neck for three hours. At the same time, clients with rosacea can experience the feeling of flashes and see redness for 6-8 hours. Swelling is insignificant and barely visible to people around. Little scabs on a face appear rarely and are visible only under specific light. RF microneedling for BODY leaves scabs for a couple of days and disappears without any marks.

Who is the best candidate for RF microneedling?

Clients 18- 78 years old have RF microneedling treatment at MedVSpa Toronto in Yorkville. Young people usually solve the problem of acne and acne scars. Scarlet RF microneedling treatment stops the appearance of new pimples and changes the greasy skin to glossy, bright, and even. The significant benefit of RF microneedling is that the therapy closes pores, which is the reason for the normalizing of oil production. The group clients around 40 like Scarlet because their face lifting and double chin removal results are comparable t filler injections. Scarlet is a good alternative if you don’t consider injections but want your jawline to be prominent and chick bones lifted. Scarlet is the best solution in the contemporary world if you have adult acne or rosacea. The only condition is that you must use proper home care, which Elena Zhdan, a former Valmont trainer, will recommend.

Menopausal women should consider Scarlet one of the most resultative tools for aging suspension. The treatment helps to hold deep skin structures, resulting in face lifting, eye lifting, and double chin removal, which lasts. Cosmeceutical grade home care is a must for such an age group. Science shows that aging skin needs help to respond to such aggressive and highly technological treatments as Fractional RF microneedling.

“Filler and Botox injections give you volume and improve negative facial expressions, but never makes your skin look younger. If you want to feel confident and look chic, Microneedling RF is a must in addition or instead of your injections”  Marina Vashkevich, RN.


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