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Dark Circles under Eye Treatments

The younger you are, the better the result you have.

We use injections with a canula for the area under the eyes. The only entry point will be on a cheek, where the quick needle pinch creates the entry channel for the blunt cannula. Filler goes through the cannula to deep under-eye layers.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler for darkness under eyes is resultative if you have:

  1. Dark circles under eyes
  2. Wrinkles under eyes
  3. Thin skin under eyes
  4. Dryness under eyes

The most often reason for Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes become noticeable if your skin under the eyes is fragile instantly or becoming thinner with age. The color of our muscles is the same as the color of the meat. Imagine that only a thin layer of the skin covers it. In such a case, the muscle is shining through the skin.
If your skin is thin, you can see translucent veins as well.

HA fillers make your skin thicker because of replacing lost tissues volume and collagen growth. Veins and muscles are not reflected through the skin anymore.

Darkness under eyes among the representatives of darker skin type.

Usually, representatives of the darker skin types are prone to have dark circles under the eyes. The under-eye darkness is the result of pigment deposits. The aging process is not only gravity changes but also changes in the structure of vessels. You probably heard about
" urinary incontinence," which is happening with age. The same " incontinence" experiences veins. The pigment leaks through them and deposits in the superficial or deep tissue, creating a blueish appearance, which people call dark circles. PRP is the sourse of one of the Growth Factors, making arteries and veins stronger. Therefore, increasing the cover skin layer thickness and decreasing vessels' permeability helps overcome this problem of dark circles under the eye.

Dark circles under the eyes are related to under-eye swelling.

You get the result after RF Eye Lift treatment if you suffer from bags under the eyes and experience under-eye swelling. Your skin will remove the edema by growing new capillaries, which help flush out excess fluid. In addition, after swelling is gone, new arteries bring more nutrients and oxygen to the area. Radiofrequency skin tightening is one of the solutions for swelling and bags under eyes removal. 3-6 treatments are enough to completely change the situation: from darkness under the eyes to the glowing and lighter skin visualization.

Dark circles appear with age.

If you did not see your dark circles between 20 and 30th, their appearance would reflect the aging process. Changes in the layers of bones, ligaments, muscles, and fat make skin thinner, open the bone margin, and aggravate tissue swelling. If you want to know more about that, read HERE.
Filler injections give face lifting, reinforcing all of the mentioned anatomical structures. Tissue placed closer to the position of the young face, camouflaging the darkness under eyes.

How long is the Filler under eye treatment?

Filler injections under eye usually take 30min-1 hour.

Add additional 15 minutes for the numbing cream before needle injections. Cannula injections don't need any numbing cream application.

Right away "The eyes of the dream" are shown on the face. However, the result will be improving  in the next two weeks.


After 2 weeks you see:

  • dark circles under eyes removal
  • baths and swelling under eyes removal
  • wrinkles under the eye diminishing up to 82%
  • plump skin under eyes
  • no dryness and itchiness under the eyes anymore

How long does the result stay?

The average length of the effect of dark circles removal is 12-18 months. "Grateful skin" responds fast and holds the result longer, usually carrying the result for a couple of years.

Hyaluronic acid filler injections cost.

Cosmetic injections  are not cheap. Working under eyes requires high qualifications of the specialists, paying for insurance, and includes the cost of consumables, which are not cheap as well. 

Membership price saves you $200 for the syringe of filler.


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