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Do I need Botox?

Botulinum toxin injections are not fillers. They are used to decrease the strength of the muscles. The effect of complete or partial muscle relaxation can be reached.

Average Number of Units are approved by FDA. Practically, this number can be increased or decreased slightly. It depends on the strength of the muscles. Not the depth of wrinkles, but muscles activity.

How do we assess muscle activity?

Just put a finger between the eyebrows and start frowning.

When you do this, you will definitely understand the strength of your muscles. Put two of your fingers over the heads of your eyebrows and frown. In this way, you are assessing the strength of another group of muscles in the area between eyebrows. All of these muscles are responsible for your “eleventh.” If you found those muscles strong, consider around 20 Units of Botox. If they are not strong, you might need around 15 Units.


Injections of Botulinum toxin for the forehead

Look at your forehead when you express surprise. If it doesn't move or moves barely, don't agree to do neurotoxin injections. But if you use those muscles a lot, do injections.

A Four-point injection technic can completely stop muscles movement for 3-4 months. Your forehead will not show wrinkles and will look smooth.


Another option is a chest technic injection. It helps to lift the forehead, saving some range of movements.

You will enjoy a forehead without wrinkles when you are calm; however, you will still be able to show emotions in a very natural way.

After 50 years old, some people use their forehead naturally to lift up the eyebrows. Botulinum toxin injections will be used for this forehead lifting in a smaller dosage. This will not produce full muscle relaxation, but gives the eyebrows lift.

Botox can be used for different face areas to make you look younger. The trend in 2019 was to use a smaller number of units, but to relax more groups of muscles. The technique is called “Full FACE”. It can be clarified during the consultation if you are a good candidate for Full face.         

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