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Why you're breaking out from wearing your face mask and what to do about it?

We have been adjusted to the fact that many people wear masks. We have been following the government requirement to fight the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, face masks not only protect from coronavirus but also cause skin irritation and acne. The medical field started to call this condition Mascne. Mascne
is a type of acne brought by the prolonged wearing of face covers.

Mascne: What is it, and why it happens?

Masks cover the face, but at the same time, they impose heat, friction, and occlusion on the skin. When You are breathing, talking or sweating, you are creating moist. It means that your pores get clogged and exposed to the wet environment, where bacteria grow. As the result, pimples or even acne cysts appear.  

On the top of that, the prolonged face occlusion, combined with heat and a moist environment, cause the skin to become dry, itchy, and raw. Dr. Harry Dao, MD, FAAD, a dermatologist for Loma Linda University, explains what masks are and how to prevent Mascne

Dao insists that masks aren’t a new phenomenon. Health care professionals, who’ve job requires wearing masks have experienced these condition. It is suitable for us to be familiar with their experience to prevent mascne from spreading.

What other conditions are reported to masks wearing?

Allergic contact dermatitis. Irritation of the skin in the area, covered by the mask. Some manufacturers saturate masks with chemicals like Formaldehyde and Bronopol. The chemicals can be a cause of an allergic reaction.

Classically Rosacea can be worse because of:

  1. Heat

  2. Stress

  3. Food. For example, spicy food and Red wine.

Masks trigger two from three factors: stress and heat. Therefore, people see more pimples, feel skin stiffness, dryness, and pain. They see more redness as well. 

Seborrheic dermatitis. Dry, oily skin, which is itchy. You even can feel rash with flaky scales. This irritation causes redness on light skin and light patches on darker skin.

Folliculitis. It is an inflammation of hair follicles. You see redness around hair follicles. You can feel pain or irritation in this area. Inflammation happens when yeast or bacteria infect hair follicles.

3 directions for Mascne prevention.

1. Build your skin immunity to resist harmful factors. 

1) Wash your face to keep the barrier skin PH. If you feel dryness, it means that your skin PH changed. The suggestion for you: replace your cleanser with Micellar water. You clean your skin properly and will keep protective skin PH.

2) Use the serum for skin hydration. These serums usually Hyaluronic Acid based or contain a particular type of peptides.

3) Your moisturizing cream should not only keep your skin hydrated but work as an emollient. It can be a barrier between your face and your mask, reducing friction.

4) Think thoughtfully about wearing your makeup under the mask. According to American Academy of Dermatology, wearing makeup under the cover causes clogged pores and breakouts.

2. Wash your mask: Skip chemicals, like fragranced laundry soap and fabric softeners.

3.We can not take off the masks now, but nobody insists on wearing them when walking alone in a wet and cold environment. Therefore, the suggestion: Wear your cover for the reason: to protect others or yourself, but not because you feel warmer in winter.

One more suggestion: Salicylic acid and Retinoids are medical grade products. They stimulate fast skin turn over with an exfoliation process. The face can be vulnerable during this time. It means that these products could be irritative.

How Medvspa in Toronto treats acne masks?

Scarlet microneedling has been approved for Acne treatment and Acne scars treatment. The result is noticeable in 3 days and continuously improving. 3-4 treatments are recommended with a 1-month time frame in between. You see not only clean and glowing skin but also acne scars removal and no breakouts.

Why microneedling fractional radiofrequency is so resultative to treat acne and acne scars?

Twenty-five gold needles of Scarlet rf deliver heat and particular solution into the skin. Heat is the fastest way to stop inflammation. Acne pimples will heal and disappear. In addition to pimples removal, you get the result of skin lifting and skin tightening. Pore minimization is one more benefit of scarlet rf treatment. The solution could be Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration or peptides to stop the inflammation.

Scarlet RF stimulates superficial skin turnover. You see your skin glowing and lighter because of the fast exchange. However, the most significant benefit of quick skin turnover is rising skin immunity. High skin immunity resists Maskne.  

If you have Rosacea, the combination of Scarlet and PRP gives the fastest result. After one treatment, you can see it like this:

What to do if you have acne?

  1. If you are ready to come for the treatment, you are welcome. We open as registered medical professionals.

  2. If you are afraid to come, please call 647-460-4585 and we will be happy to hear your voice and give you right suggestions for your Homecare.

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