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Why does MedVSpa Toronto Choose  Scarlet RF Microneedling?

I based my choice on the efficacy and safety of microneedle fractional RF for skin rejuvenation and looking for the device: 

Being the speaker for many dermatology congresses and traveling around the globe, I met Dr.Na, the Na effect's author, and Scarlet developer. I got fantastic reviews from dermatologists and plastic surgeons in different countries about Scarlet results. Scarlet was certified in Canada before the pandemic, and the MedVSpa team started working with the world-acknowledged microneedling system.

How Scarlet microneedling proved the results?

A Group of patients was assessed at baseline and four weeks after the final treatment to evaluate: 

  • collagen growth, 
  • the depth of wrinkles, 
  • skin hydration, and 
  • skin color.

How face lifting and skin tightening were proved?

Skin tightening and face lifting results depend on collagen renewal. The only way to measure this process is to take a little bit of skin from the deep dermal layer and look at it under the microscope. It is called biopsy specimens and histologic measurements. 

Researchers took specimens from the same face areas before and at the end of the treatments. They measured s the quantity of procollagen-1. Post-treatment staining showed a significant increase in density from the lane where the outer and deep collagen layers met. The improvement in deep structures like collagen and elastin was more impressive than in superficial skin. Trials show that deep "face lifting" collagen responded the best to this microneedling RF treatment.

How do scientists measure the depth of wrinkles after Scarlet microneedling?

The depth of wrinkles depends on the collagen regeneration process. Non-Invasive Objective Wrinkle Measurements evaluated the effects of treatments on collagen regeneration. The area around the eyes is the most popular area on the face where everybody wants to get rid of wrinkles. The skin creates lines very fast because the skin is fragile. Not enough fat in this area suffers from dehydration more than others. The quantitative assessment concluded the growth of the density of procollagen-1 within 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm of the dermis.

Skin hydration after RF microneedling.

Objective Skin Hydration Measurements called Corneometer. It is an ancient but accurate tool to evaluate how skin moisturizing levels change. The patients showed improvement in skin hydration scores obtained by Corneometer after four treatments, demonstrating the efficacy of microneedling RF on skin hydration.

How do we know that Scarlet works for dark spot removal?

Scientists measure skin color using light-emitting diodes with different wavelengths: green, red, and infrared. Researchers use the Melanin index (MI) to see how dark spots disappear. Erythema and melanin index showed improvement but without statistical evidence.

Was any post-traumatic hyperpigmentation side effect reported?

Scientists choose people with darker skin types (skin phototypes III-IV) for Scarlet microneedling trials. No one reported the appearance of dark spots after this RF microneedling. Practitioners can safely work with this microneedling RF device for light and dark skin.

Microneedling RF clinical trials results.

Histologic examination revealed a marked increase in dermal thickness, dermal collagen content, and dermal fibrillin content. Biophysical measurements show improvement in hydration and skin roughness.
Side effects were minimal.

Why is microneedling treatment MedVSpa Toronto signature?

Scarlet has been the most famous face non-invasive treatment at MedVSpa Toronto since 2019. MedVSpa has improved Scarlet microneedling protocols reinforcing the results with mesotherapy/ bio revitalization. 

Physiology of skin aging forwarded the MedVSpa team to improve protocols of microneedling treatment. Scarlet microneedling damages crossed-linked collagen, stimulating the new one to grow. The efficacy of the replacement depends on the niche of vitamins, minerals, and peptides necessary for remodeling. MedVSpa uses solutions of peptides, Hyaluronic acid, and DMAE, which Health Canada approves for microneedling, to boost the RF result. 

RF microneedling conclusion.

Scarlet RF microneedling is a 3,5 mm depth system that enables skin rejuvenation with 3 hours of redness. Scarlet RF controls the heat focused in the dermis depths with minimal risk of adverse events such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

ScarletTM uses non-insulated microneedle electrodes, which results in advantages like no bleeding during the treatment.

RF energy around microneedles is narrower at the surface but broader in the deep collagen layer. The newest generation of microneedling RF is a benefit in contrast to previous laser-based fractional systems. 

MedVSpa the most popular non-invasive treatment in 2022.

After almost four years of working experience with Scarlet combined with mesotherapy, MedVSpa declares that Scarlet shows immediate and prolonged results for the aging group of 17-70.The manufacturer recommends four treatments monthly for the most visible and longer-lasting changes. The best results MedVSpa team sees for:

  1. face lifting, 
  2. neck tightening, 
  3. decollate smoothing,
  4. rosacea, 
  5. dark spots removal, and 
  6. hands skin plumping.

Marina Vashkevich, R.N.  

Author. Congresses speaker.

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