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How to get rid of frown lines with Botox. Signs you are ready for Botox® Does Botox work for aging prevention?

How do I know if Botox in Toronto is right for me?

Botox® in Toronto is the most popular aesthetic treatment. Besides, Botox® has the highest number of clinical trials done than other injectable aesthetic medical products. Botox relaxes your muscles for the period from 4 to 6 months. Botulinum protein interrupts the transmission of nerve impulses for a specific period. It helps to relax muscles, which are depressors. And activate muscles that play the role of elevators. When Botox works in such a way, you see the result of:

  • friendly look
  • opened eyes
  • lifted eyebrows
  • forehead lifting
  • jaws removal


Signs you are ready for Botox®

Botox® is the treatment for you; if you see

  • crow's feet or worry lines around your eyes
  • droopy eyelids

Before you decide if Botox® is the right treatment, recall:

  • Does your mom have frown lines?
  • Do you see them when you show no facial expression?
  • Do you see forehead lines when you do not share any emotions?
  • Do you see jaws or your jawline does not look as before?

If you see these changes on your face, the answer to the question:
"Is Botox is right for me?" will be:" Yes." You will look younger after the
Botox injections.

Does Botox work for aging prevention?

Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a well known plastic surgeon from Brasil, published the research in 2018 and proved that excessive muscle work pushes out the fat. When skin does not have the fat buffer, active muscles easily fold the skin. As a result, wrinkles appear. Therefore, with Botox, it is possible to decrease muscle activity. It means that Botox® creates an additional obstacle for the muscle. The muscle does not fold the skin in such an aggressive way as it did before the injection. The fat layer does not disappear as fast as it usually does when the muscle moves out non stop. As a result, Botox prevents the appearance of new signs of aging and helps to look younger.

In my book "The Secret to looking like you," I explain how it is possible to inject Botox® with the goal of complete muscle paralysis or to create a balance of lifting and muscle relaxation. It is called the lifting technique.

Consequently, Botox is the right treatment for everyone after 18 years old who wants to eliminate wrinkles or prevent them. It is much easier to avoid the appearance of wrinkles than to get rid of them. Do not think that you will wait when you see a robust and deep eleventh between the eyebrows, and then you do the Botox and easily remove them. I do not want to disappoint you, but after the wrinkles appear in the folds, it is complicated to remove them, sometimes impossible. When lines on the forehead are just above the eyebrows and visible without facial expression, it is hard to remove them.

Do not postpone your Botox injections.





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