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I have seen a 35 y.o. girl recently. Her concern were: skin blemishes, dark spots, darkness under eyes, big pores. She found out her skin dull and uneven after the 2 month home sitting period. We did 3cc of Biorevitalization. The result started to be visible in 2 days. First, the skin was glowing. Then, blemishes, pores, and darkness went away. Within 1 week she enjoyed her face lifting. Her skin looks fresh and rested. When she touches the skin it is smooth and even.

The skin responds like this so fast, because non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid, combined with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants is delivered into the skin. On the areas of dark spots, dryness, and blemishes it could be injected with nanoneedles. The goal for these injections is for the outer layer of the skin to turn over. The result of this effort will be dark spots removal, under eyes darkness diminishing, and pores closing. The rest of the product is injected very superficially into the skin with the cannula. The result is volume replacement and skin lifting. Moreover, HA by itself plays a significant role in the process of collagen production. You can consider the skin tightening and lifting effect for the next 3 months. The treatment is not painful, but numbing cream is applied before. You leave the clinic with some res spots, covered by SPF.

Face Lifting and Skin quality improvement

Result after 3cc

  1. Jawline definition
  2. Cheekbone definition
  3. Smooth, glowing skin (NO skin blemishes, dark spots, darkness under eyes, and big pores)

Result after 1cc

  1. Smooth, glowing skin (NO skin blemishes, dark spots, darkness under eyes, and big pores)
  2. Prevention of wrinkles
  3. Rehydration          

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