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PRP Facial Toronto Treatment

The most significant benefit of PRP is that the substance injected into your skin is natural and yours.

The treatment is 100% safe and never creates an allergic reaction. It uses the potential of your plasma and the ability to trigger your Growth factors (GF). The most significant plasma growth factors are: 

Collagen GF, 
Epidermal ( superficial skin) GF, 
GF helping to grow new vessels.

PRP faciaal is famous for:

Dark circles under eye removal
Acne scars and Acne treatment
Dark spots removal 
Face Lifting

PRP Facial Toronto Treatment


  1. We take a small amount of blood from your vein. 
  2. The blood will be centrifuged. The centrifuge separates plasma enriched with platelets from the blood.
  3. The platelet part will be retaken from the tube into the syringes. We take 2 of them for the dark circles under the eyes, one for the face, and one for the neck.



We use plasma enriched with platelets. The most famous of the platelets plasma functions are tissue regeneration, healing, and anti-aging.

It happens because the platelets release different Growth Factors. These factors stimulate cell division and renewal.

For the area under the eyes, we will use injections with a canula. The only entry point will be on a cheek, where the quick needle pinch creates the entry channel. Through this channel, the blunt cannula will be moved in the area with control. Deep and more superficial skin layers will get a small amount of plasma.

PRP under eyes never creates bags, as filler could do. It helps to remove darkness.


Treatment for the face and neck starts from the work in the area around the eyes. The certified injector uses the cannula to deliver plasma under the eyes first. Then, small dots will cover the face, including the area around the mouth, near the ears, particularly “lifting points” injections. Even though the needle is super tiny - 4 mm in length and extremely thin - barely visible, injections are not painful but uncomfortable, especially around the mouth and close to the line of hair growth. However, around the eyes, injections are barely noticeable. People say that they feel a little pressure during the plasma delivery.


You could expect minor bruises. They are as small as seeds. The average number of them is 2-3. If you do only PRP under eyes - no bruises. You can expect to see swelling because the plasma we usually put slightly exceeds the area capacity. Therefore, expect 10-15% swelling after the treatment.

No other side effects have been reported.


30 min after injections, your skin looks smooth and bright. The lifting effect becomes noticeable the next day. It is evident in the area of checks, face contour, nasolabial folds. PRP works not only as a face lifting but as a neck lift as well.

Two days after the treatment, you see how the skin is glowing.

The next day, you see skin lifting.

Darkness under eyes removal is becoming noticeable during the treatment.


PRP is a natural treatment. Let us compare with a massage. Massage pushes your body to the gradual process of self-improvement. The effect is accumulative, and every subsequent treatment works as a boost. The same happens with PRP. 3-4 treatments, performed once per month, build the result, lasting up to 18 months.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Facial Result:

thicker dermis- skin lifting
improved skin tone
cleaner skin without pimples
immediate skin hydration
rosacea treatment


PRP is a simple in-office non-surgical procedure that uses a concentrated serum processed from your blood.

Have you ever cut your finger? If yes, you saw an amount of liquid on the surface, right? That is plasma. Plasma is a trigger to the release of growth factors to heal your wound. Scientifically speaking, the body responds to the actual injury by rushing healing platelets, which create a rich fibrin mesh. This fibrin mesh, in turn, calls out to natural healing cells, releasing growth factors* and stimulating the process of collagen production to energize and heal. Therefore, your plasma-releasing growth factors work for collagen stimulating reasons.


According to research, 30% of plasma cells require stimulation for collagen growth. Trauma is a trigger for the stimulus. Therefore, to insert plasma into the skin and activate it, micro-needling technologies or injections are used.   

We use 4-millimeter needles for young people to create small papules in the skin or fractional RF micro-needling. 

Fractional RF Micro-needling Scarlet 25000!!! tiny “wounds” in the collagen depth of the skin.

The goal for Platelet Reached Plasma is 

  • to release growth factors for the collagen stimulation 
  • to hydrate the skin
  • to stimulate Lymphatic outflow

The amount of plasma for one treatment is about 6cc. This amount is enough to treat the areas of the face, neck, and decollate. 

When six ccs of plasma get delivered into the skin, the Lymphatic system answers, activating a drainage process. Lymphatic drainage removes retained fluids from tissues and lifts them.

Therefore, the next day result after PRP is tissue lifting.  

There is a long-lasting result as well. This result is collagen stimulation and skin lifting.

How do we do it?

At the beginning of the treatment, a small vial of blood is safely taken from you – less than that usually taken for your blood tests. The vial is spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and plasma. This process increases the concentration of the platelet count to about 4X normal. Therefore, this platelet-rich plasma is often called “liquid gold”. There are three ways to deliver PRP:

  • It can be injected into the skin 
  • It can be trans dermal provided with Scarlet RF micro-needling
  • It is applied topically on a surface

Why PRP requires additional stimulation for people after 45?

Cells that produce collagen are not as responsive with age to the Growth factor as cells of younger people. Therefore, trauma is the only way to increase their activity. 

The more physiological trauma is, the higher the response will be. Scarlet, Fractional RF micro-needling combines thermal trauma and 25000 entry points of mechanical trauma. PRP facial with Fractional RF- micro-needling makes the treatment responsive and resultative immediately for the group of clients over 45.

Why it is called Vampire Face lift

When PRP appeared on the market, trauma was created by many superficial injections, which really was shown on a face as a bloody mess. Therefore, it was replaced with a much more significant result by injecting dermal papules. The next generation of technology is Fractional RF micro-needling. This technique is the most painful and triggers the appearance of many bruises.

Prolonged Fillers injections effectiveness

The use of PRP with fillers enhances the skin tone and texture and prolongs the effectiveness of the filler correction for 3 to 6 additional months compared to when fillers are used alone.

Rosacea treatment

PRP is known as one of the best treatments for Rosacea. PRP significantly stimulates own skin immunity and is evaluated as the treatment to prevent Rosacea aggravations. As a result, you will experience visibly lighter skin without redness, a decrease of face puffiness, and impressively plumper skin that will be visible in a week after the treatment. 

PRP for Hair growth

PRP is known as a treatment of choice for hair growth. Stimulation of the hair follicles happens similarly to a collagen growth process through Growth Factors activation.