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1.Q:What are some myths of lip filler injections?

A:The biggest myth is related to "ducky lips". To avoid that look, start your lip injection explaration with half of syringe of filler. If you go slow and a little at a time, your esthetitian should be able to achieve a natural full lip look.

2.Q:What are the factors that consider how many syringes shoud be used in the first treatment for lips?

A:Medvspa starts with half syringe. If you need more, next treatment session will be scheduled in 2 weeks.

3.Q:How do fillers replace lost volume?

A:Faces naturally have fat pads. We lose them as the result of aging. Skin shows this absencee of support as hollownes and sagginness. Fillers are injected into these pads to restore volume.They support the skin and dramatically improve its appearance.

4.Q:How often should I get lip injections?

A:According to the manufacturer, lip filler disappears within 6-9 month. How fast the process moves depends on how agressive the muscle movement around the mouthg is. It is obvious that people who speak a lot, like public speakers or teachers have the filler go faster.

5.Q:Do fillers prevent sagging?

A:YES. It was proved in 2018 by M.De Majo, that fillers support decreases the muscle activity and prevent sagging.