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1.Q:What is collagen formation skin tightening?

A:Skin looks plumper when it has sufficient collagen support. Skin tightening treatment stimulate collagen formation.

2.Q:How many treatments are required for double chin removal?

A:The first result of double chin removal is noticable after the 1st treatment. The younger the client is, the more impressive is the result. Clinical trials requre 6 treatments for a full double chin removal.

3.Q:Are there any side effects after double chin removal treatment?

A:Overweight people can see bruises after the treatment. Bruises are small and disappear next day.

4.Q:Does double chin removal treatment tighten your chin?

A:Double chin removal works to remove fat and to tighten the skin on the same time. Combination of RF skin tightening, vacuum mechanical massage and aquaporation is used for the double chin removal treatment.