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1.Q:How many session are required for the lymphatic drainage system?

A:Lymphatic drainage gives the results for cellulite removal after 15 treatments. A full body detox requires from 1 to 10 treatments.

2.Q:What are some examples that the starvac lymphatic drainage performs better than a massage?

A:Starvac reaches deeper tissues comparred to a hand massage. Human fingers are generally not safe for lymphatic nodes, whereas Starvac is safe.

3.Q:Is the starvac lymphatic drainage treatment painful?

A:Starvac lymphatic drainage treatment is not painful. It is whole body 45 min massage. The specialist performs all body treatment with focus on the areas of concern.

4.Q:In how many sessions of lymphastic drainage treatment do I need to start seeing results?

A:After the 4th treatment the result of swelling removal and skin lifting starts to become visible. Medvspa recommends 15 treatments. The result is cellulite removal, skin tightening and volume loss.

5.Q:Does lymphatic drainage treatment cause bruising?

A:Bruses reflect damaged circulation. Peole who expeerience swellind can have bruises after the treatment. A technician can adjust the vacuum intensity before the treatment to prevent the appearance of bruises.