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V-touch Innovative Fractional RF System

V-touch™ innovative fractional RF system is a powerful non invasive solution to skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, acne scar correction, and skin tightening. V touch integrates proprietary SVC™ and CORE™ technologies to offer practitioners a cost effective system, with flexible treatment options that produce optimal results.

Vtouch works as:

Vtouch RF system at MedVSpa

Vtouch was developed especially for:

  • wrinkles
  • sagging skin
  • scars removal

So Vtouch is working on the most difficult areas such as:

  • neck
  • decollate
  • hands
  • face


1.What does Vtouch do?

Vtouch stimulates the new collagen formation, removes hyper pigmentation, significantly diminishes acne scars and close pores.

Vtouch rises the temperature in the middle part of the skin, named dermis or collagen skin layer?
Vtouch works from the outside making termal injury zones and from the inside interacting with the water and heating deep skin layer.

The best results Vtouch gives on the areas of dry skin: neck, décolleté,hands,face.

Redness that possible to cover with the makeup 24 hours after. ЦIs it painful? Vtouch has a vacuum adjusted. With the vacuum the treatment is tolerable. Most of the clients evaluate the pain level as 2-6, based on the scale of 10.

There is no social downtime. You can put a makeup on, wear a scarf, close the decollete area.

1 week after the 1st treatment

Depends on the skin condition (type of aging, age,dryness, sun elastosis) from 1 to 4.

V-touch is suitable for use on all skin types.