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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma - Vampire Facelift

PRP is a simple in-office nonsurgical procedure which uses a concentrated serum processed from your own blood.

Expected Result:

  • thicker dermis - skin lifting
  • improved skin tone
  • cleaner skin without pimples
  • immediate skin hydration
Platelet Rich Plasma treatment at MedVSpa

How to understand PRP

Have you ever cut your finger? If yes, you saw an amount of liquid on the surface, right? This is plasma. Plasma is a trigger to the release growth factors to heal your wound. Scientifically speaking, the body responses to the actual injury by rushing healing platelets, which create a rich fibrin mesh. This fibrin mesh in turn calls out to natural healing cells, releasing growth factors* and stimulating the process of collagen production to energize and heal.

Therefore, your plasma is used for the growth factors releasing and as the result, for collagen stimulating reasons.

Plasma with platelets

Platelets release Growth Factors

Growth Factors activate cells which produce Collagen

However, according to research 30% of plasma cells require stimulation for collagen growth. Trauma is a trigger for the stimulation. Therefore, micro-needling technologies or injections are used not only to insert plasma into the skin, but also to activate it.

30% of Platelets require activation to release growth factor

Trauma works as an activation factor

The higher is trauma sites number, the better is activation

It can be performed through

- Meso therapy (many injections with needle in the middle skin layer)

Injections - about
100 entry points

Micro needling -
1000 superficial

Fractional RF
micro needling -
25000 points!

The goal for Platelet Reached Plasma is
  • to release growth factors for the collagen stimulation
  • to hydrate the skin
  • to stimulate lymphatic outflow

The amount of plasma should be delivered into the skin is about 6cc. It is a significant volume for the areas like face, neck and decollate. Therefore, skin hydration is the same minute response.
Lymphatic system answering to 6cc plasma activating a drainage process. Significant lymphatic drainage removes swelling and lifts tissue up.

Therefore, the next day result after PRP is tissue lifting.

There is a long-lasting result as well. This result is a collagen stimulation and skin lifting.

Why PRP is 100% resultative for people before 45y.o?

PRP is effective for people before 45 years old. After many years of experience, specialists around the globe conclude that for this group meso therapy injections are the most resultative. Others require combination of PRP with Fractional RF micro needling.

How do we do it?

At the beginning of the treatment, a small vial of blood is safely taken from you – less than that normally taken for your blood tests. The vial is spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and plasma. This process increases concentration of the platelet count to about 4X normal. Therefore, this platelet-rich plasma often called “liquid gold”. There are three ways to deliver PRP:

  • It can be injected into the skin
  • It can be trans dermal delivered with Scarlet RF micro needling
  • It is applied topically in a surface

Why PRP requires additional stimulation for people after 45?

Cells which produce collagen are not such responsive with age to the Growth factor as cells of younger people. Therefore, trauma is the only one way to increase their activity. The stronger is the physiological trauma, the higher will be the response.

There are several types of trauma considered physiological: thermal, chemical and mechanical. Scarlet, Fractional RF micro needling combines thermal trauma and 25000 entry points of mechanical trauma. It makes the treatment responsive and resultative immediately.

producing cells
lose ability to
response to
Growth factor

Combination of
PRP and Scarlet
is the only solution

Why PRP is often called Vampire Facelift?

When PRP started to be offered, the trauma was created by many superficial injections, which really was shown on a face as a bloody mess. This technic is the most painful and triggers appearance of many bruises. Later, the new techniques enabled aesthetitans to achieve the same results using injections of intro dermal papules, then using micro-needles, and as the latest innovative techniques using Fractional RF micro-needling. These double effort makes growth factor active and stimulates collagen growth for people after 45 years old.

Prolonged fillers injections effectiveness

The use of PRP with fillers not only enhances the skin tone and texture, but also prolongs the effectiveness of the filler correction for 3 to 6 additional months compared to when fillers are used alone.

Rosacea treatment

PRP is known as one of the best treatments for Rosacea. PRP significantly stimulates own skin immunity and is evaluated as the treatment to prevent Rosacea aggravations. As a result, you will experience a visibly lighter skin without redness, decrease of the face puffiness, and impressively plumper skin that will be visible in a week after the treatment.

PRP for Hair growth

PRP is known as a treatment of the choice for hair growth. Stimulation of the hair follicles happens on the same way as a collagen growth process through Growth Factors activation.

Double amount of plasma is required for hair growth.