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STAR Face – Non-surgical face lift

Non-Surgical Face Lift at Medvspa Toronto works for
  • removing swelling from the face
  • getting rid of puffy eyes
  • double chin removing
  • face lifting

Non Surgical Face Lift works for people with tired type of aging, with deformative type of aging (double chin), and for people with Sagging skin.

Non-surgical face lift at MedVSPA Toronto
includes combination of 3 technologies

STAR Face and neck lymphatic drainage massage helps skin to get rid of retained inside of tissues fluids, which is saturated with wasting products. Theses fluid is a major reason not only for puffy skin and puffins around eyes, but also is a main reason for dull skin. Just these part of a non-surgical face Lift finished, you immediately see defined jaw line, decreed eye puffiness, and glowing skin.

Microdermabrasion as a part of non-surgical face Lift When skin gets rid of the superficial dead cells layer, base membrane (which is underneath), starts to produce new cells faster. New cells bring to the skin lighter appearance, glow, and even skin tone. Moreover, from this speeded up process, skin gets more hydration.

Infusion skin Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid ( Low or High molecular) has to moisturize your skin. There is a big difference what kind of Hyaluronique Acid will bee used exactly for your skin during these treatment. Instead of Hyaluronic acid, might be chosen lipolytic ( fat removal) solutions or Lymphatic drainage solutions.

The consequence of these 3 steps, as
  • STAR Face and neck lymphatic drainage massage
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Infusion skin Hydration will be chosen according to your aging process : Tired, Sagging, or Deformative. You can expect that treatment plan will be explained and discussed with you.

Because of such a customized approach based on a combination of technologies, you will see a face lift after the first treatment.