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Filler Injections & Treatments

Princess® products are Hyaluronic-acid based fillers. Princess® is a well-known manufacturer of fillers from Austria.

Princess® fillers have the non-animal origin, that is why they are hypoallergenic.

The treatment result is visible immediately but it is not permanent.

The substance is absorbable and shows the effect for several months depending on the area of treatment, the technique of injections and your skin type. Manufacturer CROMA guarantees limited risks of side effects or inflammation.

What to expect immediately after the injections

First of all, you can expect an immediately visible result. Please be prepared for light bleeding which sometimes happens, especially when the practitioner uses a needle. Bleeding is rare when the canal is used. Mild swelling or redness can develop, which can be itchy or painful on pressure. Not very often, small bruises and lumps can form in the treated areas. These reactions can last for up to one week.

How does the treatment work?

Princess injectable treatments are not surgical, granting minimal recovery time and showing an immediate natural looking results. Depending on the goals and expectations of the client, the practitioner will choose the product. Princess fillers, certified in Canada have different product density. Princess Volume, for example, is a high-density product, which is able to lift the skin and replace the volume in the middle 1/3 of the face. Princess Filler is a better solution when the client wants to see the lip filling, but has concerns about being over injected.
The procedure is quick and easy. The injections themselves may only take 13 to 30 min. You will be able to return to your daily activities immediately.

Is the treatment painful?

The injections are done with very fine needles or canals and are usually pain-free. An anesthetic cream can be applied before the procedure.

What are possible side effects?

Princess has a high safety profile, that is why after the injections you may return to your daily activities. However, you may experience post-treatment discomfort such as temporary tenderness, redness, swelling or bruising in the injected area. These symptoms are usually mild to moderate and disappear on their own in less than 7 days. In order to force the process of swelling resolving, you can apply ice pack on the injection site for a brief period of time.

Are there any recommendations?

In order to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising, avoid any medications (anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory) that can prolong bleeding a week before the treatment.
Please do not apply make up for 12 hours after injections and avoid sunbathing for one week. Ask your practitioner about special recommendations for you.

Are there any exclusion criteria?

Treatments with Princess must not be used for:
  • patient with a history of autoimmune disease or who are receiving immune therapy
  • patients who are hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid
  • women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • patients who are younger than 18 years
  • patients who prone to develop hypertrophic scarring
  • in cases when a patient has areas presenting cutaneous, inflammatory or infectious process.

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